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Hydrangeas peeking over wall

snapshots of my week – 17th august

despite having a bit of mental clarity this week, today my brain feels like mush. you know when there’s coherent thoughts there, but you cant quite put them together? ah, how wonderful. i’m hoping that the clear-mindedness comes back soon! i’m sure i had…

Coral pink book spines

snapshots of my week – 3rd august

one real fun thing about anxiety is that even when you get good news it can cause you to spiral, because you’re worrying about whether you deserve it, whether you’ll mess it up and so much more. and you feel so stupid for getting…

Pink wall and leaves

snapshots of my week – 20th july

you know those days where you don’t specifically plan to get things done? but then you’re REALLY productive? those are excellent. i can’t believe how much i’ve gotten done today. sometimes the pressure of deadlines is good for me, infact it’s a HUGE motivator.…

Simple flatlay of pink items

snapshots of my week – 6th july

my brain feels like mush today. just wrote 2 sentences in the title bar, ha! you’ll not be getting anything particularly insightful from me today. weirdly though, have been rather productive this morning. always feels good to get things done. did you notice i’ve…

Red roofed building on Tenby beach pier
snapshots out & about

snapshots of tenby, pembrokeshire

tenby! oh, i love you. oh, tenby. i lived in pembrokeshire for almost 8 years before moving to cardiff. so, naturally, i would go to tenby quite a lot. especially when i was particularly stressed and needed some time to be somewhere else. well…