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out & about snapshots

snapshots of tenby, pembrokeshire

tenby! oh, i love you. oh, tenby. i lived in pembrokeshire for almost 8 years before moving to cardiff. so, naturally, i would go to tenby quite a lot. especially when i was particularly stressed and needed some time to be somewhere else. well…


snapshots of my week – 16th june

i have what feels like a million and one things to do next week. nothing particularly stressful, and some actually semi enjoyable, but the kind of things that are just t i m e  c o n s u m i n g, and…


snapshots of my week – 10th june

after a productive start to the week, my concentration seemed to take a total nose-dive. like my brain had just gone off somewhere unknown, and i was left a bit of a husk of myself. it’s not like i’ve done nothing, or had nothing…