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Photos and video that I take during the week depicting random or important events, as well as things that catch my eye – compiled together every Friday.

snapshots of my week – 27th january

snapshots, photography by

pink blanket with silken edges

doesn’t that blanket look inviting? other than books, buying blankets is probably my other main weakness. i justify it with the fact that most of them are second hand/vintage and that my body temperature control has never been normal, so i’m either ridiculously cold or unbearably hot. there’s seemingly little inbetween.

my goodness my brain has been all over the place lately. brain fog has hit me HARD. i’ll have moments or part of a day of being ‘on’ but for the most part it’s like i’m not all here – like something has snatched my attention and won’t give it back to me. i still feel like myself (one of my biggest fears is lack of control of my mentality and personality – which is why i rarely drink) but it’s still hard to deal with when you know you’re capable of so much more. it’ll take time, but it will pass. that’s what keeps me going.

that, and notes and lists. so many notes and lists to remind me to do things, and notes to remind me to look at the notes. and alarms as a backup just incase. honestly it’s ridiculous but you do what you can to cope, don’t you?

another thing that’s keeping my spirits up is knowing that spring will be here soon. hopefully that means less joint pain and a clearer mind as well as more colour in nature, slightly less biting wind and a general sense of ‘ahhh’.

hopefully i can get back to my ‘old self’ soon and have something more interesting to say, and more varied content too!

orange cut in half

christmas cactus petal and bud

snapshots of my week – 6th january

snapshots, photography by

peeling posters in roath

yellow pencil graffiti

just like that the first week of january is almost done. the one thing i do like about the calendar starting over is the curiousness of what the year will bring. of course, this does still apply throughout the rest of the year too. i don’t do resolutions (i do have goals, but they’re ongoing or ones i set throughout the year) so, for me, the new year brings a renewed sense of ..i wouldn’t necessarily say positivity, more ..curiosity. no matter how much you plan, you truly never know where life will take you. which is both exciting and scary.

there’s many things i’ve missed out on talking about and other things i need and want to take photos of, but for now this’ll do. also a long overdue video!

do you have any goals or plans for the year? do you prefer to keep them secret or put them out into the world? i think i’m a mix of the two. let me know!

terazzo floor on wellfield road

green window on side of house

cathays cemetery church steeple

pink stone wall

shattered window and reflection

snapshots of my week – 19th december

snapshots, photography by

vintage blue bike

pink and blue graffiti

so at the beginning of last week i finally had the rheumatology appointment i’ve been waiting for most of the year for. if you can recall, i had fears that i would leave feeling fobbed off or that i wasn’t listened to. glad to say neither was the case. i mean, i suppose it could have gone a little better, but for a first appointment my anxiety was mostly put to rest.

i’ve been given a preliminary diagnosis of fibromyalgia but also had blood taken and a few xrays to rule out other things. i have to go back in february (on valentines day, ha!) for my results and i guess to discuss things further. i had suspected that he would say fibromyalgia yet at the same time i know some people do get diagnosed with it because their doctor or consultant can’t see any real obvious symptoms of anything else. it’s a bit tricky i guess. i do suspect i have a few related issues so would be good to get official diagnosis of those too.

so, a little clarity, right? better than none.

black and white shattered glass

black split brick wall

orange berries hanging over door

other than that this week has kind of just mushed into one big nothingness. which, for once hasn’t necessarily been bad. i’ve been feeling so drained and frazzled that i think i needed it. i’m finding it hard right now to even think of more words/remember my week so i’ll leave it there.

this’ll be my last post til the new year (unless there’s something i just have to share here) – hope you enjoy the holiday period! in the meantime you can find me on instagram and twitter.

pink patch of wall

pink and blue wall

blossom on tree

fig leaves with christmas lights

turquoise door