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Photos and video that I take during the week depicting random or important events, as well as things that catch my eye – compiled together every Friday.

snapshots of my week – 20th may

snapshots, photography by

photo of daisies

as we’re in the midst of spring pretty much all my photos and video clips this week are flowers, ha! that is absolutely fine with me.

i have things i could probably talk about that have happened in the past week, like being in constant pain, my tinnitus being worse than ever, lots of rain, lack of money and whatnot ..but i can tell i’d end up ranting and i’m in a good mood, and at this point in time i’d rather remember the good things. i do have plans to write about the aforementioned things soon though.

some good news though, i actually made a few new collages! they’re up on my instagram if you want to check them out, but i’ll be blogging about them too. also i made a few cinemagraphs! you can see one of them below.

clover leaves with rain drops

clematis trailing down wall

clematis on roof of garage

kerria japonica flowers

cimemagraph of shadow on wall

close up of apple blossom

pretty lilac flowers

pink cherry blossom on ground

snapshots of my week – 30th april

snapshots, photography by

tabernacle building doors cardiff city centre

pale pink paint water

as a whole, i have not been fond of this week. to be completely vague, it has been utterly depressing and rubbish and i’m SO glad it’s pretty much done with. may had better be an improvement or i may just lose it.

saying this, i know i have a few hospital appointments ahead of me, but that aside i have my hopes up! or, trying to think more positively at least.

despite the awfulness, there’s definitely been a couple good things too, including: snow (in april, what the?! but it was so out of place that it was ..entertaining?), an amazing sunset, creative mornings talk in town (in the old library), ava getting very excited over a toy mouse and so much blossom.

sadly the good hasn’t outweighed the bad but it’s definitely helped me keep my sanity intact!

what’s cheered you up this week? what are you looking forward to in the coming month?

pink blossom opening

pink wall in restaurant

pink blossom tree

green walls in the old library

tree shadows on wall

gradient sunset in cardiff