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Photos and video that I take during the week depicting random or important events, as well as things that catch my eye – compiled together every Friday.

snapshots of my week – 8th april

snapshots, photography by

black and white stone face

seems this week i was drawn to shadows and black and white. feels like something i should definitely explore more.

though i felt lacking in photo-mojo this week i still somehow ended up taking a fair few photos. i don’t know if my lack of creativity this week is related to the ridiculous joint pain i’ve been suffering with, but surely couldn’t have helped right?

got some things planned for the rest of april, so hopefully i’ll not be such a boring sod next week!

black and white textured wall

garage door

grid and bricks

rail shadows on pavement

self shadow

snapshots of my week – 1st april

snapshots, photography by

broken reflection in mirror

april fools!

ha, i feel like april has come by so quickly that it’s not actually april. though it’s not been particularly good (mega self doubt and despair for my financial future going on) this week kind of just flew by. one of those ones where you know you did things but your brain kind of fogs over whilst thinking about it.

i’ve had pretty much constant tinnitus for about two weeks now, and despite going to the doctors there’s nothing they can really do. i might have to have it checked out over at the hospital soon to see if there’s anything they can do. i have to be honest, though i’ve mostly gotten used to it, it does drive me a little cuckoo and if it ever stops i genuinely think i’ll cry of happiness. silence, you sweetest of things.

so yeah, that’s been taking over my thoughts a bit. a perfect excuse to keep busy, and go out for plenty of walks around cardiff as the distraction is joyous.

how has your week been? any plans for the weekend?

cherry blossom

green shed roof

turquoise door and window

purple and yellow walls

mixed green bushes

wood outside of building

tree reflection in puddle

reflection of paper flowers in shop window

orange metal outside of cardiff building

snapshots of my week – 25th march

snapshots, photography by

reflection self portrait

tree behind roof

taking photos is just the best, isn’t it?

i was meant to go to london this week, but due to being ill that sadly didn’t. feeling much better now, so hopefully next month instead. talking of next month (which is in just a few days, whaaat?!), i will be doing a creative photowalk in bristol with lori. so excited! if you didn’t manage to get a spot, you can sign up to the waitlist incase anyone drops out.

anyone in cardiff feel free to get in touch anytime if you want to walk about and take photos! i’m always game for that.

hope you all have a lovely weekend!

pink - peach rose

green on green

ceanothus flower bush

pink bokeh flowers

cedar tree branch

flower bush in black and white

graffiti grate black and white