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i have this thing with …plants

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cactus at RHS cardiff

succulent with water drop in centre

nature, in general, has always spoken to me, to the deepest part of my soul. it’s my nourishment on so many levels. my feelings are those to which i can’t put into words. i’m by no means a writer, but i can generally find a way to say what i want to say. it may not be eloquent or read particularly well but what i’m thinking typically finds a way out.
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snapshots of my week – 28th july

snapshots, photography by

ticket notebook from grace and favour home

taking the good where i can get it at the moment.

though the past couple of weeks haven’t been as full on rubbish/stressful as previously, they still haven’t been easy. i feel like i’m being beaten and beaten and beaten by life and every time i try and get up, try to have some fight, i get knocked back down again worse than before. i am so incredibly thankful for the people that have shown me kindness in these hard times. it’s what keeps me going.and people say things get easier when you’re thirty/in your thirties? definitely not my experience, ha!
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i have this thing with …reflections

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self portrait reflection

i absolutely love seeing and taking photos of various reflections, especially when they’re really layered and almost look like multiple exposures. again – is this the collage artist in me, drawn to inexplicably layered visuals? no two photos are going to be the same and everyone has their own unique viewpoint. i guess that could be said of all photography though.
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