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10 books about photography

i absolutely love photography books, and the bigger the better. they can take up a lot of room on your bookshelf, but looking at amazing photographs in print and at a decent size (rather than on your phone or computer) can’t be beaten. unless…

photography cardiff

painting with light at chapter arts

last week i (along with some other bloggers) was invited to a night photography workshop at chapter arts. the workshop was split into two parts – basics of photography and night photography. to be totally honest, my main reason for going was to learn more…

photography sunday spark fashion art

sunday spark // 12

// a guide to colouring with curves from the super talented kitty gallannaugh. curves are great, because you don’t need to have photoshop to use them, many free and cheap photo editing programs have curves editing available, and even some android and iphone apps too. //…