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friday florals 014

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florals, florals, florals. i love you. but, you know that right? or at least i hope people that read this blog know so by now.

i’ve been good at sticking to my word of featuring more actual floral arrangements, i think it’s nice to see something fresh, even if it is just a photo or two! but that floral pattern is so dreamy too right?

floral images for friday florals

snapshots of my week – 23rd august

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this is the most ‘laid back’ week i’ve had for a while. it wasn’t hectic, and i haven’t been feeling super depressed. but not happy either, haha. just been doing little bits and bobs really. tidying/sorting, making some new collages, taking photos and doing some crafty things. you know the sort of thing.
also, don’t forget i’m selling some dresses (some more things will be up next week) and also that you can pre-order prints from my shop! the next two preorders get a special gift, too. i’ll have actual prints available very soon, and when i do i’ll probably give one away! 
gold tooth necklace from tigerlilly quinn

i received this awesome tooth necklace from tigerlilly quinn! i love tooth related things and things that a little/lot different or unique, so i adore this!

super simple diy - paint a rock gold - that's it!

i’ve had this rock ages. just your standard raggedy rock that i knew one day i’d think of something cool to do with. then a couple days it hit me! i painted it gold and now it looks awesome. it also kind of looks like pyrite! i definitely want to do this to a few more bigger ones too.

shell and starfish on yellow

got these two super cheap from a charity shop. it seems weird paying for something i could just pick up from a beach myself, but it’d cost a lot more to get a bus to one that it did for these (5p each). poor starfish has part of a leg missing, but i’ve wanted for such a long time that i kind of had to buy.

top of tree

what is this tree?

went for a walk yesterday and saw these trees. does anybody know what the bottom one is? it looks like a normal tree but also has these kinda ..fluffy? other bits. might just be another plant though. love the colour of the leaves. a lovely deep marroon-y red.

snapshots of my week – 16th august

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i still can’t get over that it’s over halfway through august! for some reason it just hit me at the beginning of the month how fast it’s gone so far. lots of ups and downs and potential things happening. i think it’s the potential things that get to me the most though. the waiting can be excruciating sometimes, can’t it!
anyway, as always i’ve tried to keep myself busy for the most part. i got a new lens (a total bargain on ebay) that i’ve wanted for quite some time now so i’ve been playing with that a bit. it’s easy to use as i know how to use a camera properly, but even so i may need to get used to it a bit. it’s a much faster lens (f1.8) compared to my kit lens which is 3.5 wide open and i feel i have much more control with this new one. the autofocus seems a bit hit and miss though, which is a shame.
what i really want now is a 28 or 35mm lens so i can have one that’s closer to a 50mm on my 450d. they’re a LOT more expensive though. it might even work out being more cost effective buying a full frame body at some point so i can just use this lens, which is a 50mm and would work as so, i’ve seen 5d mark ii’s around for very affordable prices (bonus being i could do videos too).

snapshots of my week   16th august

snapshots of my week   16th august

snapshots of my week   16th august

snapshots of my week   16th august

the succulents oh no rachio sent me are doing well!

snapshots of my week   16th august

my watch for templar publishing. lots of illustrators get to doodle on paper watches, which will then be auctioned to raise money for breast cancer care. i went with ice creams, as you can see!

snapshots of my week   16th august

we went for a curry wednesday, just going out anywhere for food is a rarity for us, so that was nice. here is me looking very unimpressed about the prospect of tasty food.

snapshots of my week   16th august

snapshots of my week   16th august

i had a ‘persian’ biryani. i genuinely have no idea what makes it persian. regardless, it was very tasty! it was meant to have pineapple in and it only had a tiny bit, so that was a bit disappointing.

snapshots of my week   16th august

the other half had chicken saag which is one of my favourite indian dishes, along with dopiaza. i’m getting hungry again now!

snapshots of my week – 9th august

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this has been another busy week of painting and pattern making and that is absolutely fine with me! i also have a few potential bits of good news to share, but can’t actually do so until things have been finalised. such a tease! still, potential good news is better than actual bad news, isn’t it.

i realised at the beginning of the week there was a good few points amassing on the mr t. clubcard so i decided to treat myself. it probably would’ve been best to save more, but as i have pretty much no money and very rarely buy things for myself, i thought i deserved a ‘no spend’ treat at least! i bought these two books. i do love books. if you have any art/illustration books to recommend, i’d love to know!

v&a pattern book - 50's

lucienne day patterns

i’ve wanted this book for quite a while actually. i wish it was bigger, but it’s still a decent size. i love this double page with some lucienne day patterns!

sara midda book

sara midda book - house numbers

i only actually discovered this book/artist whilst i was browsing. it’s nice to discover new (to you) artists! i absolutely love the watercolour stripes on the cover. to be honest, it’s what caught my attention. i know people say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes you have to trust your instincts! so glad i did. this is a lovely little book.

watercolour palette

watercolour paintings of ice creams and ice lollies

talking of watercolours, i’ve been painting lots of ice creams this week for some ice cream patterns! do you have any favourites? i think i’m going to do sweets and various confections next.

stone and leaf from battersea park

on saturday i went to london with my sister to see our dad. i forgot to take pictures but when we went for a walk in battersea park (he lives just around the corner from it) i picked these up. i still have a dried leaf from many years ago when he lived in putney, it’s such a lovely golden brown colour.

and here is a little bit of lavender i found. love finding bits of plant like this on the ground, i can rescue them and create a mini garden. always nice to have nature in the home, no matter how small!