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friday florals 034

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wow, can you believe it’s the end of january already? i have actually had some flowers in the house this month, but forgot to take photos. naughty me! they were in a clearance bin outside a local florists for £1 so i couldn’t turn that opportunity down!

i remember years ago i went in lidl and they were giving away bouquets of flowers. how lovely! it really made my day. i wish someone would give me a bouquet of flowers now, haha.

friday florals 034top // tina fussell, the robertsons via style me pretty
bottom // , ginny branch photo by elizabeth messina

snapshots of my week – 6th december

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i realise i haven’t done this properly for a couple weeks, but i’m back!
the past couple weeks have been full ups and downs. this blog is my happy place though, so i won’t be going into that! saying that, if i felt articulate enough to talk about certain things, i probably would at some point. if anyone ever needs to chat, feel free to just leave me a comment or send me a little twitter message.

snapshots of my week   6th december

i found this cute tin ..i think it used to have strawberry tea in it? i’m a sucker for strawberries and strawberry shaped things etc so i knew i had to get it! i love that it has the leaves and flowers on too.
i have no idea what i’m going to use it for though. perhaps tea? or some supplies. any ideas?

snapshots of my week   6th december

when i was in the same charity shop i found these cute little butterfly stamps too. i assume they’re from the philippines? haha. pretty butterfly stamps get me every time. i’m amassing quite a collection of stamps now. does anyone else collect?

snapshots of my week   6th december

a couple months back i won a place on the blogging your way intention and style course from the lovely holly becker of decor8. it was so fun and i learned a lot of things. this is my image from our final weeks homework, where we had to style our own little vignette (or whatever else we were inspired by) and take a photo. 
unfortunately my tripod had decided to misbehave so i had to take this by hand in the fading light. i should have, and wanted to, use a smaller aperture to get everything in focus (i’m talking to you, coral up the top there!) but what with adjusting shutter speed and iso the image would have been blurry, so i thought i’d rather have most of it in focus at least!
what do you think? i used some of my favourite little objects. i never normally use a dark background but i wanted to challenge myself, and i think it really works here.

friday florals 020

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there’s nothing like some lovely flowers to cheer you up when you’re feeling ill and the weather is dreary. unfortunately i don’t have any real flowers in the house at the moment (that would well and truly make my day) but i do have friday florals! flowers on a computer screen is better than none at all, right?

i think i am in love with the flowers taped onto the wall below, it must have looked amazing in person! i love the colour combination too, quite perfect. i’d love something like that as a desktop wallpaper.
collage of floral items for friday florals

friday florals 018

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this weeks friday florals is so ‘me’ that i almost can’t bare it! it made me rather happy seeing these images together. i love the colours in the first photo, the slightly cooler tone really makes it for me, and i love grey and green together.

also, can i just mention that russian doll style photo? oh my. the colours are perfect.

friday florals - floral photography, illustration and productsclockwise from top left // photo by anna peters, elizabeth messina via merci new york, ‘at last’ soap by lollia, vintage floral temporary tattoo, photo by susanne bisovsky