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i have this thing with …accidental photos

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out of focus embroidery

out of focus

don’t worry, there’s not anything wrong with your eyes!

i’m not sure when i developed a soft spot for (often) out of focus, accidental photos. the kind where i didn’t realise i even took a photo – like when taking my camera out of my bag – or when i accidentally press the shutter before it’s had a chance to focus where i want.
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i have this thing with …cameras

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polaroid supercolor 635 cl

photography is a big part of my life. has been since i was a child and probably always will be. i’ve not had many constants in my life, but photography – whether taking photos or enjoying them – has always been there with me. some of my fondest memories from when i was younger either involve taking photos, learning about photography from my dad or looking through photos, slides and negatives, whether my dads or in books or magazines.
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