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snapshots of my week – 20th april

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peeling paint on wooden gate

ava the cat on white fluffy rug

oh boy.

so tired. you know those weeks where lots of little (and a couple of bigger) things go wrong? i’ve had a couple like that. piece by piece, not so bad. but they build up and you get frustrated. most annoyingly, though it’s something i’d rather not do, is getting a couple of teeth removed. was meant to happen last friday. had to REALLY mentally psyche myself up for that. but then it turns out my appointment was another consultation. so it just really drained me after. luckily, i’m having it done this tuesday, so not too long to wait. this whole process has taken well over a year!!
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i have this thing with …pink

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pink wall with tree shadow

peeling pink paint

i had a seemingly endless amount of photos to choose from for this one, ha. i do love pink. i never used to though, and it’s only really been in the past 5 or so years that my love has grown. i’m never going to be an all out obsessive – wearing and decorating every part of my life in the rosy hue, but without doubt it holds prominence in my heart. i’m especially drawn to it in the outdoors. of course i can’t resist a pretty pink flower, but really i mean walls, doors, peeling paint and in areas you might overlook.
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first photos with the olympus e-m10 & panasonic 25mm 1.7 lens

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cammelia bush and blue sky

red berries against brick wall

leaves growing over wire fence

i feel like i need to preface this by saying this is by no means a ‘proper’ review, and just some rambling from a person who loves cameras and taking photos. also, had it been a warmer, less windy day and i’d not been getting over an ankle injury, i would have ventured further for some more interesting photos.

it took me a while to do so, but after realising i barely used or took my DSLR out anymore, i decided to finally sell it and get a mirrorless camera.

so here we are. goodbye 650d, hello olympus e-m10! it took me a long time to do this, as well as to decide what mirrorless camera to get. once that was decided, the lens was an easy decision!
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