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snapshots of my week | 7th april

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whilst it’s not been overly good, i can safely say this week has been better than the few preceding it. if nothing else, it’s been overall less stressful, no injuries, no overwhelming fatigue (well, none that lasted more than half a day) and the weather has been lovely. our money situation is still awful and will potentially get worse in the near future, but just for a short while i want to focus on nice, good, positive things.

also …i had some good charity shop finds this week. always a win in my book!

i’ve been trying to make more approaches lately with blog and other related things. i figure it can only be a good thing to help myself learn new skills, gain confidence and better myself in the art of negotiation, ha! if no one wants to give me a bloody job i may as well try even harder to make a living doing things i love. not easy though, but is life ever easy?

hand holding blossom

stickers on lamppost

pink rose bush

pink blinds through fence

orange tulips and yellow flowers

pink rose bush against blue sky

snapshots of my week | 31st march

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camellia and book page

magnolia and tree branches

a year or two ago, missing out on a few ‘snapshots’ posts would have annoyed me a bit. i always enjoy putting them together, as i love taking photos throughout the week, and even if all i say for some time comes across as negative and whingey – it’s nice to have a place where i can do that. i do try and have a good balance of positive and happy here, and realness too ..which, yes, can mean showing my pessimistic side as well as just generally being upfront about how i’m feeling, or have felt.

pink blossom and blue skies

red spotted leaves

to be fair, life has not been particularly good so far this year. i mean, it could be worse but ..yeah. struggling. i had a year very similar to this a couple of years back and i just about made it through that, so if this year continues along that line, at least i know i can make it through in one piece. or, in pieces that can be put back together.

trying my hardest to make good things happen, to be proactive and work hard. that can be hard enough at the best of times actually, but if nothing else i am a strong person. even if i don’t feel that way at times, ha!

am i rambling? i feel like i’m rambling.

oh! i actually have a video this week. i love making them and making little improvements in my learning and editing process each time, but you know how life gets on top of you and you have to let some things slide for a bit. there’s so many bits i feel like i should have put in from the past couple of months, but i decided it better to cut my losses and start afresh. basically what i mean is i’ve just used some more recent clips, and won’t worry about the older stuff.

it helps to lose those bits of baggage that keep you down. even if that is just video clips that no one but me cares about.


snapshots of my week – 13th march

snapshots, photography by

blossom and clouds

pink and green leaves

i feel like i’ve been on and off ill for the past month now. or, beyond the tiredness and pain i usually feel. i’ve had moments or a day or two of clarity which is good enough to get me through, but i really want to feel ‘myself’ again. hoping that will come with spring, which definitely seems to be taking its grips in the UK. pretty sure it helps everyone.

last week i went to roath park and the conservatory for the first time in a while. i had wanted to go the week previously but i had a pretty bad cold and chest infection, and could barely walk from one room to another, let alone to roath park and beyond. when i left the house to go, it was sunny and warm. ‘perfect!’ i thought. but as soon as i got there it pretty much constantly rained or hailed, ha! which i used as a (pretty legit) excuse for a trip to the conservatory. it was weird being in there in the humid surroundings, hearing the hail pelting down on the glass. it does make me happy being in there though.

lots more photos after the jump!

black and white leaves

pink rain soaked hellebore

pink camellia bush

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