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i have this thing with …yellow

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yellow flowers behind pink wall

yellow books in cardiff uni library

yellow speaks to me.

not literally of course, but it definitely catches my eye in a way no other colour does. turquoise is actually my favourite colour, and pink is an equal favourite to yellow, but yellow just has something special. a few years ago i didn’t love it on the scale i do know, and i’m not sure what happened to trigger my overwhelming love of this sunshine hue, but i’m glad it did.
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snapshots of my week – 8th september

snapshots, photography by

moody looking ginger cat

this week i saw lots of cats, and took very few photos (other than a few blog ones you’ll see soon). i had a last minute interview (didn’t get the job) and had an excellent charity shop find. i’ve been ill for most of the week, so beyond applying for jobs, replying to emails and doing a little deep cleaning i’ve not been terribly busy.
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snapshots of my week – 1st september

snapshots, photography by

lamppost with green and pink decay

gluten free banana bread

this week has consisted of banana bread baking (and subsequent eating), evening walks, spotting multitudes of cats, dental phobia, so much stress that i lost my chill a bit and threw things around, my tinnitus being the worst it’s ever been, making and enjoying overnight oats, a couple of fantastic charity shop finds, and much more.
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