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for the love of autumn

might seem a bit random in a post about autumn, but i must disclaim i talk about suicide briefly in this post, so consider this a trigger warning if you wish to skip this post. also there’s a spider. since i was a child,…

snapshots photography

snapshots of my week – 30th september

firstly – and i know everyone will be saying this, but – HOW is it almost october? seriously though. i do love october though, and not just because it’s my birthday month. this year i’ll be turning 30, eek! that’s a big one. autumn…

snapshots photography

snapshots of my week – september 16th

due to a lot of joint pain, this week has been pretty uneventful. i’ve actually been pretty productive in terms of getting things on the to do list done, but it’s all pretty mundane stuff that no one really wants to hear about. still,…

snapshots photography

snapshots of my week – 9th september

i freaked out for a moment just now and thought it was october 9th! ..but then realised i obviously had my calendar ahead a month. anyway yeah. this past couple weeks have been super up and down, my goodness. the good things being that…