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snapshots of my week – 17th june

snapshots, photography by

house with trailing plants

not much to talk about this week as i’ve been busy with some illustrations which i’ll share here when i can, and probably the most time i spent outside was walking to get my eyes tested, ha! it’s rained a fair bit too which has been a bit of a bummer, but as i’ve been so busy i wasn’t so fussed.

in other news i finally have an ENT appointment next month to look into my tinnitus. i’ve had it constantly for months (which feels like my entire life) now so if there’s even a tiny chance of getting it sorted i will be absolutely overjoyed. not a person for crying but i wouldn’t be surprised if i burst into tears if this incessant ringing ever stops.

i have some clips for a video which i’ll add into next weeks post, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos i guess!

how has your week been?

peach-orange house front

cardiff building windows

arum lily flower

pink flowers and blossom

blue hydrangea in front of brick wall

cute cat in garden


snapshots of my week – 10th june

snapshots, photography by

pastel coloured door

whaaaaaat a busy week! i guess that happens to many people mid june time ..lots of stuff just seems to come together, doesn’t it?

on monday evening i went with laura to a bloggers event at the cardiff base of the stable where we all tried lots of ciders and made our own pizza. somehow i barely even felt tipsy! i think my favourite cider was an elderflower one we had right at the beginning, but there was a delicious cherry one and another one later on which i have completely forgotten the name of, but it was gooooood.

the ciders were from purbeck cider company who are from dorset, and williams brothers who are of from wonderful south wales (caerphilly to be precise). in between trying ciders, we also got to make our own pizzas! i was pleased to find that the stable have plenty of gluten free options and they had a gluten free base ready for me (on it’s own tray so it didn’t get contaminated). i think it’s the best GF base – and GF pizza in general – that i’ve had in years!

there’s some shots of the evening in the video above if you want to see more.

blossom in front of split colour house

yew next to peeling metallic wall

plant with strong shadow in golden hour

on wednesday i went for my first physio appointment. i found it funny when she was going through the body chart that almost every area needed to be shaded out and described. the woman who i saw was so nice, chatty and didn’t make me feel like everything i experience is all in my head. i’ve had that before with doctors and it’s horrible, it makes you feel like your pain is not worth looking into. anyhow, after a bit of examination and stretching i was given some exercises to help strengthen my muscles. my hips/pelvic area are worst effected so she said to focus on strengthening this area for now.

i don’t have an appointment set yet, but i’ll be seeing a rheumatologist soon too. i’ve never seen one before so i’m not entirely sure what the first appointment will involve, but i know there’ll be a lot of examination, describing every ache, pain, issue and how it affects me. from what i’ve read there’ll likely be blood and urine tests as well as xrays. i’ve had a few blood tests already so i’m assuming these’ll be different.

after the rheumatologist appt. i’m planning to write a post specifically about my experience with this, physio and doctors as well as my diagnosis and future plans. i figure it’ll be useful to any other chronic illness/pain sufferers trying to get ‘officially’ diagnosed and what they can expect in terms of appointments, etc.

water drop on succulent plant

hand holding cherries

gluten free chocolate cookies

elderflower cider at the stable in cardiff

house with blue gable trim

punnets of strawberries

between these things we’ve been making chocolate chip (gluten free obv) cookies and i’ve been eating lots of cherries, mm. i’ve also been busy illustrating (more on that soon!), making a couple videos, and of course taking an endless amount of photos! here’s to next week being as busy and productive, but hopefully a little less stressful.

how was your week?

snapshots of my week – 27th may

snapshots, photography by

fern shadows in black and white

pink and white daisies

i’ve lived in the same area of cardiff for almost 6 years now, yet i often get people asking me if i’m a tourist because i carry my camera around with me (around my neck) everywhere. i can’t help but find it really funny. can’t miss an opportunity for a photo though, right?

ahh this week didn’t really go as planned.

basically almost entirely because i went for a walk on sunday and it triggered some pretty intense hip and leg pain that lasted most of the week. so instead of going into town like i needed to, and going to barry island like i wanted to i was pretty sofa/bed bound. add on top of this some pretty crippling despair about my/our financial situation and let’s just say this week hasn’t been as productive as i’d anticipated.

textured turquoise garage door

dappled light on pink cladding

pink rhodedendrons over wall

pink rhodedendrons against overcast sky

cotoneaster bush with flowers

plants poking out of fence

plant in window

laburnum tree