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snapshots of my week | 21st april

this is not a week i want to remember. for a few different reason it’s been awful and it should somehow set itself of fire. ha. so i’m not even going to write about it. one good thing though, i went to cardiff museum…

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rhs cardiff 2017

a couple of sundays ago, i went to RHS cardiff in bute park. laura from side street style invited me along – how could i say no? we actually went together last year too. when spring comes around after a seemlingly endless winter, it’s…

snapshots photography

snapshots of my week – 14th april

i wrote ’14th march’ in the title about 3 times there. in denial that it’s half way through april already! i had wanted to go to london this week, or next week but as always, finances don’t allow. i try and see my dad…