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roath park conservatory

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leaf with water droplets

a couple of weeks ago i decided to go to the conservatory in roath park, as i’d somehow not been in there before. i’ve been missing out all these years living in cardiff! despite having to walk around barefoot due to my shoe strap breaking, it was absolutely worth it. also i got myself some chocolate cake on the way home. win/win.
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snapshots of my week – 17th june

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house with trailing plants

not much to talk about this week as i’ve been busy with some illustrations which i’ll share here when i can, and probably the most time i spent outside was walking to get my eyes tested, ha! it’s rained a fair bit too which has been a bit of a bummer, but as i’ve been so busy i wasn’t so fussed.
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snapshots of my week – 10th june

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pastel coloured door

whaaaaaat a busy week! i guess that happens to many people mid june time ..lots of stuff just seems to come together, doesn’t it?

on monday evening i went with laura to a bloggers event at the cardiff base of the stable where we all tried lots of ciders and made our own pizza. somehow i barely even felt tipsy! i think my favourite cider was an elderflower one we had right at the beginning, but there was a delicious cherry one and another one later on which i have completely forgotten the name of, but it was gooooood.

the ciders were from purbeck cider company who are from dorset, and williams brothers who are of from wonderful south wales (caerphilly to be precise). in between trying ciders, we also got to make our own pizzas! i was pleased to find that the stable have plenty of gluten free options and they had a gluten free base ready for me (on it’s own tray so it didn’t get contaminated). i think it’s the best GF base – and GF pizza in general – that i’ve had in years!
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