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rhs cardiff

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close up shot of a hosta plant

selection of cacti

firstly i want to say thank you to edwards coaches, as i wouldn’t have been able to go to rhs cardiff without the tickets i won on their twitter!

rhs cardiff was located in bute park, which, if you don’t know it, is the park that runs behind and alongside cardiff castle. as i said, i won a pair of tickets and laura (and her lovely children) from side street style joined me on the saturday date. of course i would have enjoyed such an event by myself, but anything like this is always better with someone!

cactus with little pink flowers

pink tulips from low angle

light and dark pink chrysanthemums

red and pink chrysanthemums

anyone that knows me even a little knows i love flowers and nature. a lot. i was completely obsessed as a child, and that obsession has carried on into childhood. i used to particularly love going to garden centres and farmers markets with my grandparents as a child. i still have a book about animal and natural wildlife my nan ‘made’ me. it’s one of very few things from my childhood i have. i should share it some day!


display at rhs cardiff

little owl in black and white

pink and white tulipsrainblow of tulips








clematis in black and white

yellow and lilac tulips at rhs cardiff

pretty pink lillies

palm tree leavescolourful leaves at rhs cardiff








bright pink bougainvillea

i really loved walking around outside, as well as in the two big marquees. the variety of displays was good, and there was a nice mix of more ‘put together’ ones and ones with a more natural feel to them, like you would have in your garden for example.

dotted around, there were spots you could buy flowers, cacti, seeds, bulbs and more. it was nice to see people rifling through seed packets like others would with vinyls, and picking out bulbs in the garden version of pick ‘n’ mix!

i would most definitely recommend rhs cardiff to anyone that wants to visit next year, whether you’re big on flowers or not. a good day for anyone of any age!

long cactus black and white

snapshots of my week – 30th april

snapshots, photography by

tabernacle building doors cardiff city centre

pale pink paint water

as a whole, i have not been fond of this week. to be completely vague, it has been utterly depressing and rubbish and i’m SO glad it’s pretty much done with. may had better be an improvement or i may just lose it.

saying this, i know i have a few hospital appointments ahead of me, but that aside i have my hopes up! or, trying to think more positively at least.

despite the awfulness, there’s definitely been a couple good things too, including: snow (in april, what the?! but it was so out of place that it was ..entertaining?), an amazing sunset, creative mornings talk in town (in the old library), ava getting very excited over a toy mouse and so much blossom.

sadly the good hasn’t outweighed the bad but it’s definitely helped me keep my sanity intact!

what’s cheered you up this week? what are you looking forward to in the coming month?

pink blossom opening

pink wall in restaurant

pink blossom tree

green walls in the old library

tree shadows on wall

gradient sunset in cardiff

photo walk in clifton, bristol

photography by

clifton down crescent » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

feet photo of lori, lucy and fritha

building with broken windows

on wednesday (the 20th april) i set off to clifton, bristol to take a lot of photos, and do a lot of walking. the ‘twist’ is that i had arranged with lori, to do a photowalk with a group of like-minded, creative, photo taking ladies!

if you’re not familiar with the concept of a photowalk, it’s actually quite self explanatory. you walk around (normally with some sort of route in mind) taking photos along the way. i do it myself a lot, but it’s such a different experience – and more fun – with other people.

i’m often frustrated with the lack of blog events and such in my area of cardiff, south wales in general and nearby places like bristol and bath, as everything seems centered in london. creative blogging folk are everywhere! so, i wanted to do something that was closer to home.

(video below)

rosie of kinship oxford

steps outside bristol cathedral   plants in bristol lido








closeup of water in swimming pool

i chose bristol because of it’s beautiful houses, shops, and the ‘buzz’ it seems to have. as lori is local to the area, she was the perfect person to team up with. i made an eventbrite page to assist with invites, and we ‘sold out’ in less than 24 hours! she was so amazing and kind in arranging a route (as well as a little commentary along the way) as well as putting together some goody bags for everyone.

talking of everyone, here’s the blogs of all that came along: lori, natasha, rosie, olivia, lyzi, gemma, fritha, emily, heather, lottie, and lucy.

i would love to do something like this again in bristol, as well as cardiff (obviously), south wales in general, and maybe even something in pembrokeshire if i get the chance to go back. tenby would be perfect for this!

pom poms on denim jacket

feet of rosie and lori

bristol lido

bristol lido sign

blue house on southleigh road

pastel houses in clifton, bristol

it was such a wonderful day, weather wise, but mostly for the opportunity to meet and network with other bloggers, with the common goal of documenting our day in photos. we created a hashtag for instagram and twitter #cliftonphotowalk where we shared moments of our day. love looking through and seeing everyones different perspectives!

tiles on yellow wall

window with plants, reflecting trees

items in papersmiths stationery shop

emily and gemma

birdcage walk, bristol

white blossom against clear blue sky

outside florist in bristol

toffee fudge ice cream

hope you enjoyed my photos and video, and if you want to come along to the next one, let us know! remember to check out everyones blogs and the #cliftonphotowalk hashtag to see more photos from everyone.

also, if you live in cardiff (or just fancy a visit) feel free to contact me any time if you want a wander around with cameras in tow. always, always up for that!