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Collage of photos of leaves

i have this thing with …leaves

having a thing for plants and nature, it’s only natural i’m drawn to leaves, too. i’m particularly captivated by unusual leaves, but who wouldn’t be? of my houseplants, my monstera and angel wing begonia are most definitely favourites. saying this, maidenhair fern leaves are…

eroded green and pink surface

i have this thing with …signage & found type

i think probably one of the most common themes in my photographs besides nature and shadows, is type. wherever you go, it’s there. whether it’s bold, faded ghostsigns, tiny type, carved, made of metal’s everywhere. and i’m always just so completely drawn to…


i have this thing with …flowers

“The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon. ”― Jean Ingelow flowers, fleurs, blomme  if there has ever been an everlasting love in my life, it’s flowers. no matter what, i’m always going to love them. whether they’re…

snapshots photography

snapshots of my week – 13th may

yesterday was such a nice day. so simple and laid back, with tasty home made food, sweet treats, pleasant weather and a nice walk whilst taking some photos. the day before, however? i was a complete anxious mess and at multiple points during the…


i have this thing with …pink and blue

pink and blue has pretty much been my favourite colour combo for as long as i can remember. it’s just always so good. no matter the balance of colour, the shape, the tones or intensity. it just has an appeal i can’t quite put…