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first photos with the olympus e-m10 & panasonic 25mm 1.7 lens

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cammelia bush and blue sky

red berries against brick wall

leaves growing over wire fence

i feel like i need to preface this by saying this is by no means a ‘proper’ review, and just some rambling from a person who loves cameras and taking photos. also, had it been a warmer, less windy day and i’d not been getting over an ankle injury, i would have ventured further for some more interesting photos.

it took me a while to do so, but after realising i barely used or took my DSLR out anymore, i decided to finally sell it and get a mirrorless camera.

so here we are. goodbye 650d, hello olympus e-m10! it took me a long time to do this, as well as to decide what mirrorless camera to get. once that was decided, the lens was an easy decision!
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i have this thing with …accidental photos

photography by

out of focus embroidery

out of focus

don’t worry, there’s not anything wrong with your eyes!

i’m not sure when i developed a soft spot for (often) out of focus, accidental photos. the kind where i didn’t realise i even took a photo – like when taking my camera out of my bag – or when i accidentally press the shutter before it’s had a chance to focus where i want.
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