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the small things | 2

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tree in roath park, cardiff

this past couple months have been pretty rubbish and my spirits are low. i’m generally worn down and i feel utterly hopeless at times. despite this, there are always happy moments, and these ‘small things’ are absolutely what make the dark days brighter.
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the small things | 1

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faded peony from behind

sometimes life really drags you down, and the small things, those little joys and moments of light are what help you get through the day/week/month. this is kind of why i started doing my snapshots posts and videos ..because i wanted to remember the little (and big) moments that got me through.

so, i wanted to start a more word focused series to write about things, however small or seemingly inconsequential, that made my day, week or month better. things that i can’t necessarily photograph or put in a video.
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4 things i miss about pembrokeshire

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flats in milford haven

pembrokeshire is where i lived for (a touch more than) 8 years before i moved to cardiff. in may i’ll have lived in wales for 14 years. i can’t believe it! does that mean i’m an honorary welsh person? ;)

though i love living in cardiff now, and wouldn’t want to go back to living where i was before, there are a few things i miss about pembrokeshire, so i wanted to write a post about them rather than letting the thought pass completely. infact i’m going to split it into two, so this is part one.

  • the beaches

    oh, there are so many amazing, beautiful beaches in pembrokeshire! actual award winning ones. though i’m not the sunbathing type, nothing quite compares to spending some time in these spectacular areas. i’ve so many memories of just sitting on rocks/the sand/dunes etc listening to the waves and just ‘being’. there’s just so much to explore, and so many of the beaches i never got a chance to visit. it’s a slow ‘in progress’. if you’re a walker, the coastal path is a must do.

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be nice and be generous

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be nice and be generous illustration

to “be nice and be generous” is something that i think is super important. people that have kindness and generosity at the core of their being are the ones that you want around through the good times and the bad times.

“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.”
Henry James

i think as long as you are kind and generous to others (and yourself) to the best of your ability, you will reap the rewards in terms of friendship, love and some sense of fulfilment and purpose. and what’s better than that?
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