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bespoke perfume experience at floris, london

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bespoke perfume in engraved bottle from floris london

exterior of floris shop on ebury street, belgravia, london

i want to write about this whilst it’s fresh in my mind, though i can’t imagine i’ll be forgetting about it in any near future.

recently i won a competition, and part of the prize was for me and a friend to make our own bespoke perfumes at floris, on ebury street (the flagship store is on jermyn street). making my very own perfume has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and one i thought would never actually be realised.

i invited sade of in my sunday best along with me as i sensed it was something she’d really enjoy (also because she’s wonderful) too.

floris london box with ribbon

floris perfume ingredients in bottles

rounded vintage edison bulb

we were invited down into the basement level, in a room filled with shelves of golden floris display boxes, perfume ingredients, petals in vases and greenery along the windowsill.
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the small things | 3

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pink and purple hydrangea peeking over wall

to put it bluntly, july was shit in multiple ways and i’m genuinely proud of myself for making my way through it in one piece. life is never easy but it was a real test. i’m a strong person but i very nearly lost the will to live. it’s over now, and i can take a few moments to look back on a few good things. some small, some big. but things that helped me through nonetheless.
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body image (+ swimsuit wishlist)

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swimsuits from george at asda

polka dot bikini | spotty swimsuit | striped tankini | ditsy floral tankini | polka & stripes swimsuit

like pretty much everyone ever, having a positive attitude towards my body image is something i’ve struggled with for most of my life. when i was in my early teens i was a little overweight but didn’t really care and then (looking back) almost seemingly out of nowhere i was in the crippling depths of anorexia.

many years later with a lot of hard work i began to put a bit of weight back on and for the first time ever i was happy with my body. then that went down the drain when i went on the pill and despite having the same eating habits and exercise regime i ballooned.
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