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the small things | 7

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a ‘small things‘ post is the perfect thing to end the year with i think. this year has been pretty rubbish personally, and obviously globally too. but of course there have been good things and wonderful moments too.

for as long as i can remember i have strived to be grateful for things big and small, and to be vigilant and aware of little moments and things most might take for granted. i’m so glad i actually started writing some of these things down in the form of these posts, because it’s lovely (for me, anyway) to look back on them.
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the small things | 6

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– i’ve said this one before – but people being kind to me, it means the world
– having a few nights sleeping straight through, this is a real rarity for me and even if i’m still feeling ill, depressed or anything else, it still makes a difference
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a weekend in

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logs and foliage at the chickenshed

i’ve said a few times recently that i feel a bit ‘stuck’ at the moment. though i know it’ll take time and effort for that feeling to dissipate, there are times or experiences that definitely help me feel i’ve gone forward a bit, or at least recharged me for another part of lifes journey.

one such thing was last sunday, an event called weekend:in at the chickenshed in trelleck, monmouth, put together by olivia tripp. i don’t think there was a person there that didn’t leave feeling inspired, enthused and generally better for having been there. it was truly wonderful and by far one of the best events i’ve been to. and what a stunning location too!
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what makes you, you?

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i’m a firm believer in being yourself regardless of whether there is peer pressure or not. of course, if this endangers you in some way i hope you can be safe, or have a support network of understanding people that want you to be you. i don’t have a huge amount to celebrate about my childhood, but i thank my (formerly rebellious punk) dad for instilling a strong sense of self in me, and my past experiences (both bad and good) for making me who i am.

but on a more general level, i feel like you can’t truly be yourself if you conform to what society wants. sometimes it just so happens that what you genuinely like and enjoy crosses over with the majority and there is no shame in that – i can’t stand when people bash others because they like being trendy. it may not be for you (and it most certainly isn’t for me) but just let people be, and if they want to, they will develop in their own time.
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