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the small things | 21

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tree and clouds

– getting a new (to me) bike
– having a little spare money to treat myself
– finding a dress that’s made me look forward to warmer weather
– evening journeys, looking through the fuzzy rainy windows at the shop windows and daydreaming
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highlights of 2017 & goals/plans for 2018

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eye tattoo next to eye shape in tree

we r one beach hut in poole

i wasn’t planning to do a highlights of 2017 kind of post, but i really wanted something to look back on to remind me 2017 wasn’t all bad.

it definitely wasn’t. but sometimes it’s easier to remember the bad over the good, especially if you’re a pessimist like me! not a trait i’m proud of, and something i have been trying over the years to ..soften.

i thought i’d include some goals and plans for the next year too. i’ve never been a resolution maker, but i’ve definitely learned this year being organised (or trying to) really helps, and so by writing some things down it will help to motivate me. i hope it’ll motivate you too and i’d really love to hear some of your highlights, as well as goals/plans if you’d like to share with me!
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