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blog love: part 2

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blog love: part 2
the flybird – a super recent discovery, but instant love. if you love nature, travelling, photography and/or a bit of wonderlust this is a must read! it makes me want to get out and find amazing places to take photos.

for the easily distracted – i discovered this blog a while ago, but for some reason forgot about it. i came across it again recently and have added her to my followed blogs! just a simple photoblog that is a pleasure for the eyes.

brown paper bag – a long time favourite here! i’ve been a fan of saras blog for a long time, and have discovered so many awesome artists, illustrators and creatives via her.

fine fine books – another recent discovery, found when looking for blogs that feature books about art/illustration or by illustrators. she has excellent taste and is making my book wishlist even longer.

in my sunday best – i love her style, she is super lovely and a total babe to go with it. go sade!

ps. check out blog love part 1!

blog love: part 1

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blog love - creative and unique blogs to follow
i love sharing, and helping (in whatever way) to widen the audiences of blogs and people i love. like sharing colourful creatives on instagram or creatives on twitter. it makes me happy to read blogs, look at amazing photography and other creative things. people are amazing!

i’m going to be honest, i am totally picky with the blogs i follow. i am always open to finding and reading new (to me) blogs and sometimes find some absolute corkers, but when it comes to following i only do so if i know i’m going to be reading every single post and/or if i just absolutely love and am inspired by the person writing and creating.

so without further ado, i will be sharing with you some of my favourite blogs (in no particular order). i’ll be back soon to share more.

kris atomic – i love her illustrations (a lot) and her photography is amazing too. her content is quite varied but tends to focus on her work, travels and fashion.

the jealous curator – danielle is pretty darn amazing. as well as her fantastic blog that focuses on art/illustration she has recently released two books creative block and collage. i have them both and they are wonderfully inspiring.

tigerlilly quinn – a colour loving lady after my own heart! frithas’ blog is about interiors, parenting and general lifestyle. she also runs a super colourful shop (shameless plug: you can get 10% off with the code ‘cardboard10’) full to the brim with illustrated goodies for you and the home.

mermaidens – kailey is the dreamiest babe ever, and she is super sweet to go with it. her blog focuses on fashion and makeup and i’m always excited to see new posts from her.

the private life of a girl – sophie is one of my favourite people (that i’ve not actually met), so it’s only natural i love her blog too. it used to be mostly beauty focussed, but it’s a little bit of everything now including fashion, books, travels, tips for bloggers and creatives ..and much more.

scraps of us – i love this simple blog that is mostly photography based, but within that caroline shares little bits of her family, the beach, nature, and crafts. her ‘collections’ fill me with happiness.

take courage – swoonworthy photography and from time to time, a bit of escapism. perfect for inspiration and to see some lovely places.

28 things i’ve learned in 28 years

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28 things ive learned in 28 years– be yourself
– it’s okay to trust people (sometimes) .. (this is definitely a super personal one)
– be kind, but don’t be a pushover
– when in a creative block, don’t force it, but try to encourage yourself
– it’s okay to ask for help
– appreciate the little things
– there is nothing wrong with being an introvert

– be creative
– question everything
– feel no shame in going to bed early/not going ‘out’
– there are some truly amazing people in the world
– appreciate what you have, when you have it
– life can feel like a constant struggle at times. you have to find ways to deal with it.
– drink lots of water
– eat lots of vegetables
– charity shops are the best
– paul smith rose perfume is amazing
– on each hand and foot i have five fingers and five toes (i have this weird thing where i count them sometimes, just to ‘check’..i have no idea where it came from but i constantly do it)
– my initials are LR – an easy way to remember left and right when i was younger
– focus on what matters
– my body temperature control is out of whack 
– i will rarely have a full nights uninterrupted sleep
– my handwriting isn’t THAT messy
– i am a good judge of character
– i’m not going to be any taller (so stop thinking about it)
– in general, you don’t need to justify yourself to anyone
– i have zero desire to ever get married. glad the boyfriend agrees with this one.
– if you’re feeling down, depressed, sleepy, uncreative, thoughts are racing.. go for a walk, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

15 things you didn’t know about me

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what i wore

as i was writing these, i realised they’re quite (overwhelmingly, almost) negative things. i want my blog to be a place of positivity – not in a fake ‘everything is okay, let’s just gloss over any negativity’ way – but i like to share more personal things from time to time. it’s important to feel a sense of connection and relatability i think. i have no problem with talking about my issues, but i don’t want to be that person that just goes on and on. so, here’s 15 things you didn’t know about me:

1 – when i was younger i was convinced i was a ghost. i felt lonely and invisible a lot and my brain just concluded that as a logical thing.

2 – i am really scared of balloons. they totally freak me out. just thinking about them makes me feel horrible. see also: people dressed in animal costumes.

3 – when i was little i also was convinced for a short while my mother was an alien and/or she wasn’t my real mother. there’s… issues with her.

4 – i hate being the centre of attention. i used to cry when people sang happy birthday to me because people were looking at me and it made me anxious.

5 – i wanted to be called daisy. so glad i grew out of that one!

6 – i am scared of escalators and can’t go up or down stationary stairs unless there’s something (or someone) to hold onto. my balance issues combined with a fear of heights doesn’t help.

7 – i have what i always thought was hypochondria, but recently found it’s not. i don’t know if there’s a name for it. basically, i have a irrational fear of death or injury. i think about it a lot but i try not to let it affect me. having depression and anxiety doesn’t help, and most likely contributes. sometimes i feel so stupid because it’s so irrational. some examples – i can’t be in the same room as a washing machine when it’s on because i fear it’s going to explode and some part is going to kill me. same with microwaves. if i walk under a bridge i think it’s going to collapse on me. if anyone else has this, please let me know so i don’t think i’m totally crazy.

8 – i basically have the hips of an old woman. it gets painful.
9 – my favourite flowers are poppies.
10 – i have a stationery addiction. i see this is a good thing! pens, paper, etc make me a weird kind of happy.
11 – i always wanted to be a physicist, particularly an astrophysicist. i gave up on that dream pretty early though as i am awful at maths and i don’t think my brain has the capacity for all that info!
12 – i hate when people go out of their way to impress me. just be yourself.
13 – i sneeze at least 10-15 times a day, every day (pretty much) since i was really young. when i was 15 or so i had some..thing where for a bit over a week i sneezed almost constantly. it made me really ill and i couldn’t eat. one day during it my dad took me for a drive and he counted me doing 50 or more sneezes in one ‘go’. i often fear this weird sneezing thing will come back and hope it never does!
14 – i hate routine and i am awful at making decisions.
15 – i can’t swim.