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it’s my (blog) birthday!

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bunting flags in bath

wow, i can’t believe i’ve regularly blogged here for 4 years now. it doesn’t seem like that long at all. i’ve had blogs before this over the years, and even on this blog i previously only updated on very rare occasion. so, i class my blog (rather than blogging) birthday from when i started blogging on a regular basis, which was pretty much four years ago to this date.

i wish i had some interesting or useful insight to give, but really, my main thing to say is to share what you love and have passion for. it will be hard to keep up if you’re doing something just for the sake of it, or writing about various things because it’s ‘what other people do’. i can understand that if blogging is your job it’s a little harder, and of course there are times you’ll lose passion or lack your creative sparkle for a while.

it’s okay to take breaks (which you don’t need to apologise for). it’s okay to share something just because you’re proud of it, or because you want to share for the sake of sharing. it’s okay to be yourself – however weird or ordinary that is. not every post has to be the best thing you’ve ever written or created. you don’t have to be a writer, a photographer, a stylist or any other seemingly infinite variable. essentially, you just have to be you and that will help you find your passion if you’ve not already found it.

perhaps blogging will even help you discover more about yourself. perhaps it will make you more confident, and more willing to see things from other peoples point of view. perhaps you will find (or create) a blog that shows beauty in unexpected forms and will help you create memories that you will be so thankful for. perhaps you’ll make friends and acquaintances that will help you though bad times even if they can’t be there in person. perhaps you’ll learn new skills and find a passion inside of you that you never knew existed.

i think, as much as people like to pull down the idea of ‘being a blogger’ it can really mean so much, in so many different ways. some big, some small. like everything in life, the action of blogging has it’s consequences, and if you can put something good into the world, even if it’s just into one persons life just for a moment, then it’s been worthwhile.

cloud peeking over wall

this blog for me will always be a place where i can share happinesses, big and small. it used to be that i would never want to share ‘bad’ things, but over the years i’ve realised even sharing bad memories and situations can help other people. i know i’m not particularly eloquent, and by no means will i ever call myself a writer, but i do hope when i share much more personal things like when i’ve talked about anorexia, body image, suicide, illness and more, that i can help someone out there feel less alone. sometimes it’s very hard to talk, and writing these things down helps me as much as it may potentially help someone else.

but first and foremost, this blog is a place to share my work. my life long love of photography and small things that make life worth living. oh, and colour of course. lots of colour.

some fantastic things have come out of this blog – becoming more confident, bettering both my writing a photography skiks, meeting like-minded people – some of which have become friends – like during doing things like the bristol photowalk. going to the westons cider mill, making my own custom perfume at floris, finally going to bath, my surface pro 4, getting to review some fantastic books and so, so much more. it’s all been an absolute joy.

here’s to many more years!

the small things | 9

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bougainvillea from RHS cardiff

this year so far has been pretty hard to deal with, both on a personal level as well as on a level beyond myself. things are never easy, but they seem particularly hard and trying and i’m really struggling to cope. i feel like i’m getting closer to an edge that i will easily lose grip of.

so, as always a short list of ‘small things’ that have made me happy or lifted my spirits:

– drinking lots of green tea. it really does help to take a few minutes to have some calm.
– the salted caramel green & blacks chocolate, it’s bloomin’ delicious.
– ava sitting by my side to keep warm. she never really used to, and it warms my heart.
– remembering to find beauty even on the worst days, if only for a moment.
– kind people, always.
– taking photos, always.
– noticing that it’s slowly getting lighter in the evenings.
– finding fantastic stamps in my favourite charity shop.
– seeing my friends and acquaintances have small and bigger successes.

the small things | 8

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roses peeking over wall

– small thoughtful gifts
– when people are truly understanding
– that strange sense of calmness when my room/area is tidy
– feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin
– seeing people being thoughtful and caring towards others less fortunate
– getting whiffs of the scent of my hair the day after washing
– feeling warm, even if that means i have to wear multiple layers and blankets to get there
this grandma
– getting a few nights of actual restful sleep (despite still waking many times – can’t have it all!)
– smelling delicious food – even if i can’t actually eat it
– taking a few minutes to drink some tea in peace
– having ‘good days’ (or the odd hour or two) amongst the bad ones
– small relief from near constant pain
– scoffing an entire chocolate bar. sometimes you just gotta.