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Closer to home in Cardiff, or further afield in the UK. A place for day trips, overnight stays and snippets of the UK. If you would like to work with me on some Cardiff or UK based content, get in touch!

the wellcome collection

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eyeball -wellcome collection
if you like things that are weird, curious and a little creepy, the wellcome collection is the place for you! i actually went a couple years ago and took these then, but rediscovered them when sorting through my photos recently. the photos were a little dark and ‘off’ but i managed to save them. i did take loads more but these were the best of the bunch.

body slice - wellcome collection
carved pills - wellcome collection
weird body - wellcome collection
there was a huge mounted piece full of (hundreds?) of intricate hand carved pills. i think they were in the shapes of body parts, but i’m not entirely sure. below that is a weird mishapen/mutated person. on the back of the legs there were sores and such. it was quite gross, but i couldn’t not look. i should warn you, this probably isn’t a place for the squeamish and easily creeped out among you.

map - - wellcome collection
i’d love recommendations for weird places in london and the UK to visit in the future!