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Closer to home in Cardiff, or further afield in the UK. A place for day trips, overnight stays and snippets of the UK. If you would like to work with me on some Cardiff or UK based content, get in touch!

barry island

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barry island
barry island
barry island
way back in 2011 i went to barry island to take some photos for a university project. only now am i blogging about it, haha! not really, i just wasn’t into blogging at the time, but i was looking through old photos recently and came across these and wanted to share them.

barry island
barry island
barry island
barry island
i want to get out to different places and take more photos this year, so i’m essentially using these photos to encourage myself. i keep using the excuse of having no car/being unable to drive, but then i realise that’s silly because there’s quite a few places near-ish by that are quite easily accesible by bus and/or train, plus a bit of walking.

barry island, penarth, merthyr mawr, st fagans, and cosmeston lakes to name just a few. all of which i’ve been to before, besides merthyr mawr. it is an absolute dream to go to portmeirion one day, but that requires more travel and i would love to stay for a couple of days, so more money too.

if anybody reading this wants to come join me in some photography based travels at any point, you are more than welcome, and it would be ace to have a photography buddy.

barry island
barry island
barry island

christmas food in the cosy club

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wooden wall in cosy club
quirky lampshade decor
i can bet a few fellow cardiffians have been here – the cosy club! i was asked to show a favourite place in cardiff for millennium hotels ‘bloggers guide to cardiff‘ project in which ..well, bloggers from cardiff show you our favourite places and things to do in the city.

as you well know, i love the charity shops here, as well as roath park, the museum, chapter arts and many other places, but i thought it would be nice to do something together and treat my boyfriend to a nice meal. we’ve been to the cosy club before, and have loved the decor and food so this was the perfect opportunity to go again.
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a visit to roath park (and a little bit of cathays cemetary)

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a couple of weeks ago i went to roath park to take some photos. it was far too hot for me and by the time i walked home i was melting into nothingness. totally worth it for some lovely photos though, and for the first time in 4 years of living here i finally walked all the way around the lake! i don’t know why i hadn’t before. here’s to many more photo walks.

purple flowers
two flowers
pink flowers
hello cutie
cheeky goose
i did a little video of some of the birds – it’s a bit shaky but i want to get into doing a bit of video every now and then, so it’s a start! :)

poppy and cow parsley

a visit to the V&A museum of childhood

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lion in cage - museum of childhood
i’m writing this about two years after i actually went to the v&a museum of childhood, ha! i was sorting through my photos recently and came across these from when i went a couple years ago. at the time i only had my kit lens and didn’t know how to use my camera as well as i do now, so a lot of these photos were quite dark and the white balance was totally off. a bit of photo editing later and i have some presentable photos to show for my time.

toy - museum of childhood
articulated doll - museum of childhood
monkey toy - museum of childhood
am i the only one that’s a little creeped out by this monkey? though i am loving that mustard top and red bow. i used to have a toy panda with glassy eyes too and after a while it totally creeped me out and i had to hide it.

doll toy - museum of childhood
cowboy outfit - museum of childhood
coloured block game - museum of childhood
how nice is the work on that little cowboy jacket? love the colours too. i bet you couldn’t find anything like that nowadays. i am totally baffled as to what the thing pictured below it is. some kind of game involving donkeys/horses? i have to admit, i was just drawn to the coloured shapes.

model town - museum of childhood
fox mask - museum of childhood
i’d absolutely love to go back some day and have a look around! it was so fun and inspiring, and looking back through these photos took me straight back. hopefully in the future when i have a bit more money, i can go to a few more interesting museums in london and around the uk.

have you been to the museum of childhood? any other museum recommendations?