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Closer to home in Cardiff, or further afield in the UK. A place for day trips, overnight stays and snippets of the UK. If you would like to work with me on some Cardiff or UK based content, get in touch!

rhs cardiff

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close up shot of a hosta plant

selection of cacti

firstly i want to say thank you to edwards coaches, as i wouldn’t have been able to go to rhs cardiff without the tickets i won on their twitter!

rhs cardiff was located in bute park, which, if you don’t know it, is the park that runs behind and alongside cardiff castle. as i said, i won a pair of tickets and laura (and her lovely children) from side street style joined me on the saturday date. of course i would have enjoyed such an event by myself, but anything like this is always better with someone!
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photo walk in clifton, bristol

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clifton down crescent » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

feet photo of lori, lucy and fritha

building with broken windows

on wednesday (the 20th april) i set off to clifton, bristol to take a lot of photos, and do a lot of walking. the ‘twist’ is that i had arranged with lori, to do a photowalk with a group of like-minded, creative, photo taking ladies!

if you’re not familiar with the concept of a photowalk, it’s actually quite self explanatory. you walk around (normally with some sort of route in mind) taking photos along the way. i do it myself a lot, but it’s such a different experience – and more fun – with other people.
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a trip to penarth

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black and white photo underneath penarth pier
top of monkey tree against blue sky

a day trip to penarth

penarth! i’ve missed you. it’s been a long time and i’m sorry i neglected you.

i’ve been meaning to have a proper look around penarth and the beach for such a long time now. i’d been a couple times in the past, but only flying visits so i didn’t have any real opportunities to take it in. it’s so lovely there!
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st fagans

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stone structure at st fagans
in april of last year we (myself, boyfriend, his mum and brother) went to st fagans. seeing as it’s so close, i’m surprised we’d never been before. the weather provided a perfect day for it and as always i took plenty of photos. for some reason i’d not shown them before, but it was such a nice day out that i wanted to share now! i’d love to go again soon and take some photos around the gardens too. read this post