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snapshots of my week – 1st december

i’m writing this well before the week is over, in the hopes that by writing that my week was good (or at least not too stressful) will make it so. it’s hard for me to be positive, so little steps forward are better than…

snapshots out & about

snapshots of my week – 22nd september

this past couple of weeks have definitely been better than many previously. in most ways it’s been pretty ordinary, but that alone is a vast improvement. meeting up with liz was fantastic, we chatted about blogging and work stuff …it’s always good to have someone that…

snapshots out & about

snapshots of a cardiff photowalk

i was looking through my snapshots archive recently, and realised i’d not shared these photos from a local cardiff photowalk i went on a couple of weeks ago. i hadn’t done a photo walk (with people other than my boyfriend …or by myself as usual, ha)…