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Closer to home in Cardiff, or further afield in the UK. A place for day trips, overnight stays and snippets of the UK. If you would like to work with me on some Cardiff or UK based content, get in touch!

snapshots of my week – 22nd september

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danger sign on barbed wire

blue painted wood

this¬†past couple of weeks have definitely been better than many previously. in most ways it’s been pretty ordinary, but that alone is a vast improvement. meeting up with liz¬†was fantastic, we chatted about blogging and work stuff …it’s always good to have someone that gets these things rather than a boyfriend that looks at you like you’re speaking jibberish, ha!
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snapshots of a cardiff photowalk

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green and yellow plant

aeroplane flying through cloudy blue sky

i was looking through my snapshots archive recently, and realised i’d¬†not shared these photos from a local cardiff photowalk i went on a couple of weeks ago. i hadn’t done a photo walk¬†(with people other than my boyfriend …or by myself as usual, ha) for a while so i got myself up nice and early a few saturdays ago and walked into town.
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a colourful 24 hours in poole

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view from travelodge in poole, dorset

travelodge room key

this time last monday i was on my way to poole. despite train delays and being ravenously hungry i was excited to go somewhere new and explore a bit. i rarely get the chance to go ‘away’ thanks to being poor but i do absolutely love going on little adventures to new places. i know dorset a little as i lived in bridport for a few months many years ago and visited weymouth and portland many a time when i was a littlun. i’m sure i’ve¬†got a photo of me somewhere near portland bill lighthouse in a cute polka dot co-ord.

travelodge king size bed with surface pro 4

travelodge comfy cushions

anyway!¬†i¬†thought¬†i’d¬†share a ‘colourful 24 hours in poole’ post as that’s …pretty much my thing. my soul seeks out colour wherever¬†i¬†am. it was thanks to¬†travelodge*¬†that¬†i¬†got to do this trip and stay over, so shout out to them for making this happen!¬†i¬†loved the blue theme of the¬†room and had quite a view too!¬†it’s¬†location was perfect – right opposite¬†poole¬†train station, near some water and close to town too.

i¬†dropped off my things, had a quick look around the room and of course dove onto the super comfy king size bed. to, you know, test it out. being a budget hotel, the amenities are obviously not going to be¬†luxury, but you have what you need and the staff really are super friendly and happy to help with any requests. like most tourists, especially in an area like this, you mostly just use it as a place to rest and sleep after you’re done exploring.
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