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my work

freebies: wallpaper / 2

everybody enjoys a freebie from time to time, don’t they? this isn’t going to be a regular feature, but it’s nice to share the love every now and then, isn’t it! i’ll put a link on the sidebar soon for freebies, so anything i…

my work

new work – circle patterns

i’ve been working on some simple patterns lately, and i came across some shapes i collaged a while ago. after a bit of photoshop magic, i made these circles, and a new pattern was born! i had so much fun with this one, and…

my work illustration

luck comes from hard work

do you believe in luck? if you do, how do you think it comes about? personally, i don’t believe in luck in the sense of ‘if you’re lucky, something good will happen’. i feel it’s more of a case of if you work hard,…