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A place for my illustration work. Collages and patterns, personal and commissioned. Expect lots of colour. If you want to work with me, click ‘hire me’ in the navigation above.

new york skyline collage

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new york city women collage by laura redburn

recently i was asked to create a collage for curioos’s NYC skyline series. at the time i was feeling a little uninspired, but knew a little challenge like this would get the creative juices flowing again. or, at least for a while anyway, but that’s another story.

anyway, i had an image flash into my head of a woman dominating the skyline (no, not in that way) and a composition that was quite minimal and slightly fashion based. so, like most of my collages then! in fear of this image disappearing and losing my mojo, i quickly got to making.

the initial image looked a little flatter, so i introduced the gradient to give the sky the look of a soft sunset, and made the yellow a bit warmer. that alone really bought the image to life in my opinion. i also had a couple of the circles within the buildings already, but felt it still needed ‘elevating’. so i took that thought and bought a few of the circles up into the negative sky space.

if you like this image enough to have it in your home (or want to give it as a gift to someone else) you can only buy from curioos, as this was made especially for their NYC skylines collection. you can get it as an aluminum print, a fine art print or even acrylic glass.

if this piece isn’t to your taste, but you like my other works, you can also find plenty of my other works at

new york city collage detail - empire state building

new york city collage detail - woman in magenta coat

king of diamonds playing arts card

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king of diamonds playing arts card

a while ago i got an email inviting me to design a card as part of a competition/kickstarter for playing arts. as a rule, i don’t normally enter illustration/design competitions as i don’t really agree with them, but every now and then it’s fun to and/or what you’d have to make is quick and simple.

i liked the sound of this, so was happy to contribute. everyone who entered was assigned a card (i was king of diamonds obviously) and we had to design that card. no rules other than it had to fit within the template and have some sort of link to the card suit.

i really enjoyed making this, and it’s kind of made me want to design a whole pack now! i think it’s the sort of thing i’d have more motivation to do if i was commissioned to do it, but i’d definitely consider it for a side project in the future. i didn’t get chosen for this, but regardless this illustration was fun to make.

if you’d like to commission a pattern or collage from me, for personal use, licensing or for a publication (or anything else), you can contact me via email.

dream collage for oyster & pearl blog

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sweet dreams collage by laura redburn

i love when ideas and collages come together quickly and easily. it’s rare for me but always welcomed!

my pal lottie asked me to make a collage for her blog, for a post on the recent BFG film (which i still haven’t seen!) and dreams in general. well, i love sleeping and dreaming, and i also love the idea of making something visual of it. ironically i feel like this collage has been ‘in my head’ for ages now, and i needed a brief from someone to make it tangible.

i really liked the experience of making this, as i said, it just came together really organically which is my favourite way of working. not one for brainstorming here. once i’d gotten down a colour scheme i liked (mainly pink and yellow, how can i resist) and the idea that i wanted the backdrop to be the ‘pillow’ the rest just kind of ..flowed out of me.

more like this please!

if you’d like to commission a pattern or collage from me, for personal use, licensing or for a publication (or anything else), you can contact me via email.