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my work

new work and pattern: more marblin’

more work based on a bit of marbling! and don’t you know it – i made a pattern too. just assume i make patterns from most of my work, because i most likely have done, whether i choose to show it or not. one day my dreams…

my work

new work and pattern: marbled

remember that bit of marbling i did recently? like i said i’m going to use them for collage backgrounds, but i wanted to get more use out of them, so i scanned them so i could have a play around with them on the computer. these…

my work home decor pattern

fruit stripes

i finally got round to doing something i’ve been meaning to do for a while. some time ago kate sent me some american sweets, and an idea popped into my head the moment i saw these! they’re fruit stripe gum if you’ve never seen…