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A place for my illustration work. Collages and patterns, personal and commissioned. Expect lots of colour. If you want to work with me, click ‘hire me’ in the navigation above.

making something new out of something old | new collages

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collage of collages by laura redburn

i can’t remember precisely how these came about. i think i was a bit bored and wanted to make something, but was also too tired to actually do any cutting and pasting. so i found some previous collages that i had saved on my computer, namely: flower power and this top quick collage and a couple of scans that i made into this cutout pattern and kind of just ..collaged them all together. it was quick and fun and i like the idea of ‘recycling’ work i’ve already made into something new.

think i might do a few more like this in the future!

kathleen | new pattern

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kathleen - pattern by laura redburn

as is now tradition for me, i always make a collage or pattern to begin and/or end the year, and this is no exception…

i actually started this a couple of months ago and accidentally forgot about it, but over the christmas period i started working on it again.

i had intentions to make this a more detailed, layered pattern but i much prefer how it/the variations turned out. i like how they all look together and hope that to other people they look like they belong together. i feel like simple geometric patterns are my ‘go to’, the ones that just come naturally and happily and that i don’t necessarily need to think about too much. i’m all about working on instinct, but i do want to branch out a little more and work on some patterns that have more layers and depth to them. though, i don’t know – i do love making ones like this!

here’s hoping this year is filled with collages, patterns, and as much art as i can make!

kathleen - geometric pattern by laura redburn

kathleen - colourful geometric pattern by laura redburn

collages of fritha from tigerlillyquinn

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collage of fritha from tigerlilly quinn - by laura redburn

i’ve followed frithas blog ( for longer than pretty much anyone elses. of course i read blogs before i discovered hers and made friends with said people, but for whatever reason the lines of communication frazzled out, but since discovering hers i’ve stuck by it for years. it’s been so lovely to see little wilf grow up, and to see sweet mabli too.

as may be obvious if you know either me or fritha, we are both big fans of colour and have very similar style when it comes to home-ware and fashion. so, when she approached me asking me to do a few images for her style posts from time to time, how could i resist?

sometimes when working with a friend on something it can be a bit daunting – you’re afraid you’re somehow going to really disappoint them or suddenly not see eye to eye on something. but fritha has always been wonderful to me and of course i really appreciate her asking me to do these for her. it does help that i absolutely love her taste in clothes.

if you’re a blogger and would like a portrait for your blog, or for instagram/anywhere else, get in touch via email and we’ll discuss your needs.

collage of tigerlilly quinn - by laura redburn