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A place for my illustration work. Collages and patterns, personal and commissioned. Expect lots of colour. If you want to work with me, click ‘hire me’ in the navigation above.

positive quotes #1 | new work

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every day is a fresh start collage by laura redburn

every day is a fresh start desktop background

ooh new work! if you follow me on instagram or you subscribe to fritha of tigerlillyquinn’s newsletter you might have seen these already. every month i’m making a piece for her newsletter from a quote that she gives me. we both loved the idea of sharing the love a bit with a free positive quote in printable or downloadable form.
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Mix and Match: Exploring Contemporary Collage

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Mix & Match: Exploring Contemporary Collage

Mix & Match: Exploring Contemporary Collage - Laura Redburn


i still can’t fully grasp this. even though i’m holding it in front of me it still hasn’t fully sunk in. a lifelong dream is accomplished! i’d of course love to be in more books (maybe even make my own one day – gasp!) and need to kick myself to start attempting some mock book covers as that’s a long wanted dream/life accomplishment, too. it’s really spurred me to get creating more.
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collages for what olivia did | new work

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what olivia did about page collage by laura redburn

can’t believe i’ve left it so long to share these here. the honest reason is that i thought i already had. whoops!

this is an exciting one! in october last year, liv of what olivia did contacted me to make a couple of collage pieces for her newly redesigned blog. of course i was instantly in!

olivia wanted something feminine, slightly handmade looking that vaguely showcased topics shared on her blog. initially she wanted something just for her about page so most of my time was spent on that. she thought a small collage would also fit well on her front page alongside her intro blurb too.
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balanced beauty bristol | new work

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balanced beauty bristol pinterest collection

some time late last year, sasha from balanced beauty bristol got in touch with me, as she wanted someone to redesign her site header, social media and some business cards to better suit her and her business. she’s a therapist that offers beauty and holistic treatments from, you guessed it, bristol! she also blogs about natural, vegan and cruelty free beauty products.
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