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Collage of glitchy woman by Laura Redburn
my work

A patch in time | new collage

When drafting posts for the blog, I often put in a quick title before I decide on something more appropriate or just generally better. I originally titled this one ‘glitchy lady’ and because I’ve recently been re-watching Seinfeld, I kept singing it to myself…

Fly Away With Me - Collage by Laura Redburn
my work

Fly away with me… | New collage

Next up on ..uh, catching up on sharing my collages on the blog (what an unnecessary mouthful) is this piece. This was part of an influencer campaign for Adobe Creative Cloud*. We were commissioned to make a new piece of work to promote Adobe…

Protea and bird collage by Laura Redburn
my work

protea collage | new work

We begin! This isn’t ‘new’ work, but for the sake of sharing here, it is. So without further ado I will start sharing older pieces I’ve not shared here before. And then I’ll try to keep this space regularly updated with actual new work?…

Flower collage by Laura Redburn
my work

free printable #2 – be free

this wasn’t the image i was necessarily planning on making and sharing today. but it kind of just came to me, and that hasn’t happened in a LONG time, so i had to let it be. also, the piece i wanted to make just…

alright alright alright print by laura redburn
my work

free printable #1 – alright, alright, alright

i haven’t decided yet whether this’ll be a monthly blog occurrence, or purely a newsletter thing (incidentally, also monthly) – but i’d like to start sharing a free printable with you all each month. it is/will be a4 but you can size it down…