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A place for my illustration work. Collages and patterns, personal and commissioned. Expect lots of colour. If you want to work with me, click ‘hire me’ in the navigation above.

photo collages / multiple exposures

my work, photography by

multiple exposure collage of victoria and albert museum, a tree and some primroses

it only recently occurred to me that i’ve never really made collages using purely my own photography. sometimes i’ll use a portion or a bit of texture from one of my photos in my work, but have never experimented with my own photos. which, thinking about it, seems like a total oversight because i’d be combining two of my favourite things!
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kalinda | new collage

my work by

kalinda collage by laura redburn » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

this is one of those collages that i really like, but it still doesn’t feel complete to me. it just feels like there’s something missing but i don’t know what. still, i thought it was worth sharing. especially as i want to get back into the process of sharing my work on here as well as over on instagram.

annie | new collage and patterns

my work by

annie collage by laura redburn » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

annie pattern by laura redburn » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

there’s something so fun and freeing about making a collage from collage scraps. it’s so simple and i love combining colours. i find it impossible to not make a pattern, too was begging for it, right? it feels so good to have my collage mojo back. i’ll be sharing another collage soon, so hopefully it’s one of many more to come!
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