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10 most popular blog posts of 2015

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10 most popular blog posts of 2015 - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

10 most popular blog posts of 2015

i’m not sure why, but i don’t think i’ve done this before! i’ve put together my 10 most popular blog posts of this year. it was fun looking back on these! they’re not in any particular order, because i don’t think that’s what matters here.

i love blogging, and this year especially i’ve put a bit more effort into my blog and generally sharing my work online. going forward, i will try my best to share even more work, as well as photos and videos.

it gives me great joy to know that there are people out there reading my words and looking my images, and still astounds me that there are even people that come back!

i really hope you’ve enjoyed the blog this year, and hope that you will in 2016 too!

50 blog post ideas for creative blogs

by far my most popular! i love that i can have a blog where i share my work and other creative endeavours as well as talking about other things where the creative part may be tenuous, but part of my blog nonetheless. sometimes it’s just photos and very few words, but i like it that way.

in 2016 i definitely want to do more creative-led posts, especially ones that helps others. i think this post i’m writing now proves that my readers like helpful creative posts.

what i've learned from instagram - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

what i’ve learned from instagram

halfway through the year i took a look at my instagram images and stats to see how i can learn and grow from images i’d posted before. i love instagram but have no real strategy (not that i want to, really). doing this, though, helped me focus a bit more and made me realise i should post more of my work.

10 tips for buying in charity shops

10 tips for buying in charity shops

i often talk about my love of charity shops/that i buy most of my things from them, so thought it’d be useful to others to do a little ‘tips’ post. i definitely want to find some new charity shops in 2016.

reasons to be happy - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

reasons to be happy

it was simple, but i loved making this. i think it’s important to remember the things that make you happy, no matter how big or small for the times when you’re feeling low.

book spines - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

book spines

sneakily taken in my boyfriends place of work. totally worth the risk! i need to seek out more books arranged by the colour on their spines. so aesthetically pleasing!

first photos with the fuji x10 - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

first photos with the fuji x10

my lovely, lovely fuji x10! one of my best ever and general favourite purchases. i bring this little camera with me absolutely everywhere (it always gets compliments too!) and a large percentage of photos – and almost all the video footage – on the blog this year are taken with it.

organising art supplies - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

organising art supplies

this was probably popular due to all the orla kiely. a lot of people admire her patterns! i’m definitely one of them. these are actually plant pots but i used them to store my pens and pencils.

what i wore - h! by henry holland dress

what i wore – h! by henry holland dress

i don’t know why this post was so popular, as it’s pretty much just an ordinary outfit post. nevertheless it’s a cute dress and i wear it a lot!

10 most popular blog posts of 2015 - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

a trip to penarth

oh that lovely day in penarth! i’m going to head over the same sort of time next year (as in a month or so’s time) and do more exploring both the beach and the charity shops. must remember to wear proper boots this time! i hope the weather is as nice again.

how to get out of a creative rut

a simple post, but i think one a lot of people can identify with. no matter whether you call yourself a creative or not, i think these simple points can be of use to many people.

50 blog post ideas for creative blogs

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50 blog post ideas for creative blogs - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

it happens to all of us. sometimes you run out of blog post ideas, or you’re running a little low.

i’ve not really seen any blogs with ideas for creative blog posts (those that specifically blog about their creative endeavours, career or work) so i thought i’d put something together with some ideas for all my fellow creative bloggers!

hopefully this post will inspire you to get writing, or even spawns some new ideas!

– pros and cons of university, and/or your experience with it
– ideas and actionable tips to boost productivity
– studio tour (this could be your actual studio space, bedroom, kitchen table or wherever you work)
– favourite books, blogs and resources
– what does creativity mean to you?

– being creative in day to day life
– books, films and tv shows that inspire you
– other artists, illustrators and makers that inspire you
– favourite art shops, both local and national
– make collages with one magazine, or just a few pages and write about it

– interview other creatives or people in your specific niche
– interview yourself
– pinterest accounts you enjoy
– instagram accounts you enjoy
– collaborate on a piece with another creative and blog about it

– show us your sketchbook/rough drawings/WIP’s
– why did you start blogging?
– book reviews relating to your niche or interests
– about you – why do you do what you do?
– a day in the life

– places you go to reinspire or motivate yourself
– art supply wishlist
– stationery haul
– DIY posts
– instagram roundup

– what art/craft/creative supplies you use
– goals and dreams for your career or future in general
– write a letter to your younger self
– resources for creatives and creative bloggers
– work in progress from beginning to end

– things you’ve learned doing whatever creative thing it is you do
– how you edit your photos
– favourite apps and programs
– how do you de-stress
– does where you live affect your creative style?

-if you had the opportunity to write, illustrate or make your own book, what kind would it be? what would it be about? why?
– item(s) you collect
– how you’d spend your perfect day
– how you stay organised – this could be personally, blog-wise or both
– what creative tools/items could you not live without?

– do something you’ve never done before. write about/draw/paint/video/photograph it then blog about it
– are you a genuine expert or have some real gems of advice you could give about your chosen career/life path?
– talk about insecurities or thoughts you have about your creative life, and the lives of others
– create a playlist of songs that really inspire you and share it
– share your creative routine (if you have one!)

– ask for advice on how to improve your work (whatever it is that you do)
– why do you do what you do? did it come naturally? do you your strengths and weaknesses as a person affect your work?
– what are your other hobbies outside of your ‘main’ creative outlet?
– do you have any advice for any new bloggers in your niche?
– blog about work you’re proud of, how you’ve overcome problems to create your best work, and how you plan to keep creating your best work

ps. if you want to know where the items in the photo are from: platonic solids clipboard / polka dot diary / kaweco sport fountain pen / fuji x10 camera / 16gb memory card

an event at london graphic centre

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pencils arranged neatly on pink background

firstly, i want to say how nice it was to attend an event specifically for creative bloggers. there really needs to be more of this sort of thing, and around the UK too (wales too, as most people seem to forget it exist it seems)! if you’re on twitter you can find some wonderful creative bloggers with the #cbloggers hashtag. there’s also a chat every thursday at 8.30 GMT if you want to join in! please do :)

okay, so, i was a rubbish blogger and completely forgot to take any photos at the event (apart from one of liz), buuuut i did do some video clips which you can see in my most recent snapshots of my week video. i really wanted to take photos of all the lovely bloggers attending, as well as all the *glorious* stationery and art supplies, but, to be totally honest i got totally distracted by chatting to people.

the event was essentially to tell us about their new tote, designed by staff member alex and was inspired by the very well known magritte image ‘ceci n’est pas une pipe’ aka ‘this is not a pipe’. i think it’s clever and simple and fits very well with the london graphic brand. we all received one of the totes, filled with some pretty fantastic stationery, from brands such as staedtler, letraset, caran d’ache, mt, derwent and more.

there were some mini workshops set up, such as screen printing, colouring and stamping, as well as plenty of drinks and nibbles. we also got to try some new winsor and newton pens, but they’re a bit hush hush at the moment, so we can’t discuss more!

if you’re a creative student (and live in or can get to the covent garden store) you don’t need to miss out! on the 6th october they’re holding a student event where you too can get your hands on a new tote filled with goodies with every purchase AND a 15% discount! how ace is that?

thank you to london graphic centre for giving us this opportunity to meet up with creative bloggers, and i hope we can all meet again!

ps. head over to natasha’s blog for a list of all the bloggers that attended, and check them all out too.

stationery arrangement

london graphic centre new tote bag - this is not a pencil