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50 blog post ideas for creative blogs

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50 blog post ideas for creative blogs - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

it happens to all of us. sometimes you run out of blog post ideas, or you’re running a little low.

i’ve not really seen any blogs with ideas for creative blog posts (those that specifically blog about their creative endeavours, career or work) so i thought i’d put something together with some ideas for all my fellow creative bloggers!

hopefully this post will inspire you to get writing, or even spawns some new ideas!

– pros and cons of university, and/or your experience with it
– ideas and actionable tips to boost productivity
– studio tour (this could be your actual studio space, bedroom, kitchen table or wherever you work)
– favourite books, blogs and resources
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an event at london graphic centre

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pencils arranged neatly on pink background

firstly, i want to say how nice it was to attend an event specifically for creative bloggers. there really needs to be more of this sort of thing, and around the UK too (wales too, as most people seem to forget it exist it seems)! if you’re on twitter you can find some wonderful creative bloggers with the #cbloggers hashtag. there’s also a chat every thursday at 8.30 GMT if you want to join in! please do :)
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serenata flower review + giveaway!

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flowers ℅ serenata flowers

flowers! it’s always so nice to have flowers in the home isn’t it. this colourful bunch are from serenata flowers and are called ‘country brights’, and i can very much confirm that they are lovely and bright! country brights consist of: sunflowers, pink roses, purple lisianthus, wheat and tanacetum.

they actually came in a huge bouquet, but as i don’t have a vase big enough (still!) i seperated it into three lots. which worked out well because it meant there’s flowers in 3 rooms! i thought they looked pretty cute in my orla kiely pot.
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