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summer themed arts and crafts

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fruit salad pattern by laura redburn - cardboardcities

so, as summer is getting nearer, i thought it’d be cool to do a post sharing some summer themed arts and crafts. it’s a time many of us like to be outside, and sometimes that time lends itself to getting creative if you want to keep yourself occupied with things other than BBQs and sunbathing. personally not one for sunbathing so i like to paint and make things whilst enjoying the lovely weather.

of course, living in britain, there will inevitably be rainy days too and you might just want to make something to distract you. i remember on rainy summer days at my nans we’d make pinwheels and ‘dogs’ (literally a decorated plastic bag with a bit of string tied to it) to play with in the wind. sometimes simple things like this can be so fun, and i always encourage getting creative whenever you can, at whatever age.
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3 months with the surface pro 4

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surface pro 4

i’ve had the surface pro 4 (aff link) for about 3 months now, and i feel that’s an appropriate amount of usage time to give it a fair review. full disclosure: i was gifted this device, but have not been asked or paid to write any specific posts about it. i just wanted to write something for those that may be considering it, and want views from someone that’s used it a lot, or if you’re looking to compare it with something like an ipad pro.

i’ll start off with the specs of this device and what i use it for, and see where i go from there!

dimension wise, the surface pro 4 screen is 12.3″. it weighs  just under 1.1kg, has 1 usb 3.0 port, mini display port and has a micro sd card slot on the rear.

this specific device uses windows 10, has a intel i5 2.4 ghz processor, 4gb RAM and a 128gb hard drive.

windows 10

i was unsure about it at first, but am enjoying it now. i found it very easy to get used to and figure out, and in general it’s much better than windows 8. i don’t use cortana but i know others do, and it does seem helpful and timesaving in certain instances. all my programs work fine on windows 10 and so far (to the best of my recollection) i’ve not really encountered any issues that are specific to windows 10.
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noisemakers club

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noisemakers club wrapping paper and washi tape

all items c/o noisemakers club

as you might have seen on my instagram yesterday i recently received a box of goodies from nina of noisemakers club (can i just say i love that name? i immediately think of fun celebrations) to review here on the blog.

as pictured below, you can see the box contains: hip hip hooray card by raspberry blossom, birthday bouquet card and confetti wrap by rosehip cards, happy birthday card by old english co., and some glittery blue washi tape.
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finding space (+ a giveaway!)

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WD my passport ultra giveaway

this giveaway has finished and no further comments will be published. the winner has been notified. thank you for entering!

if you’re a creative in this day and age (or, heck, just someone that uses a computer) you’ll be using your desktop or laptop to either do all of your work on, or it’s the go to point after you’ve created your work by hand – for scans, colour correction, digitising, etc.

as illustrators and photographers particularly know …files can get pretty big. by big, i mean HUGE. not just in terms of dimensions, but file size too. you need a device that has the power to deal with this, but you also need space, right? if not for the main files, but for backups. it’s always best to keep copies on an external drives, and especially so if you work from different locations and can’t bring your main computing device with you everywhere you go.
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