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made by hand craft fair, cardiff

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made by hand craft fair, cardiff

you know when you’re feeling a bit of a creative lull and you need a burst of inspiration? the made by hand craft fair provided just that for me yesterday. it’s still on over the weekend (from 10-5 and ’til 4 on sunday) and i highly recommend a visit if you’re in or near cardiff. it’s in the city hall, so easy to get to, and you could even pop into town after if you want to – that’s if you haven’t spent all your money on wonderful handmade goods from makers from wales and the rest of the uk. tickets are £6 and worth every penny.

jacket with appliqued face

yellow elk brooch from ellymental jewellery

from ellymental jewellery

the fair is spread across two floors, and there’s a lot packed into that space too. it was recommended to me to start upstairs as it can get busier, and there’s more there so i’d second that recommendation. the stalls were arranged in an aisle like manner, so you can go around methodically or just dart between whatever takes your fancy. i was naturally drawn to anything colourful, illustrated and/or ceramic.

a lot of the makers were happy to chat and it was lovely to get to know the personalities behind the products they had on show. i definitely bonded with a couple of people over love of colour and illustration!

moon pillows and pencil pencilcases from nellystreasures

from nellys treasures

building brick flowers and birds from anya keeley

from anya keeley

there were SO MANY things i wanted to buy, particularly pretty much everything from anya keeley, whose work i immediately fell for. i could have looked at her pieces all day! i’m seriously considering going back again tomorrow to spend a bit of my birthday money (and to take a few more photos).

it’s so important to support small businesses and independent makers where you can and the made by hand craft fair provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

spicy pizza time with pizza express

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food from pizza express

gluten free etna pizza from pizza express, cardiff

everyone loves pizza, right? i personally love ones packed with veggies (no mushrooms please!), a bit of chicken and lots of parmesan. being coeliac, my former love of pizza and other such glutenous foods can cause a bit of a problem though. i’m very lucky in that i’m not *super* sensitive, so a couple times a year i ‘take the risk’ and will have something gluteny (totally a word). i do of course always opt for a gluten free base if i’m having pizza for example, but some items might have a topping that might include wheat, such as various meats. as i said i can do this a couple times a year and have no adverse effect. it’s cake that’s harder to resist and i’m pretty convinced there is no such thing as a good gluten free pasta.

it being my boyfriends birthday a few days ago, this obviously opened up a little eating extravaganza. we of course gorged on chocolate and he had plenty of biscuits, as well as a little takeaway curry from the always delicious panama restaurant.

to take this, lets call it ‘eating week’, one step further i thought it would be nice to have one last treat. luckily an opportunity to test out the deliveroo app came at the perfect time. pizza express have recently bought back the etna pizza, which apparently is a super spicy pizza extravaganza so a few bloggers were given the opportunity to give this scorcher a try! i can’t handle anything too spicy, so i mostly left this one up to him. i ordered a gluten free version though, so i did try a couple of slices. i also ordered some potato balls for myself (gf), a side salad and some san pellegrino lemonata. i love that so many mainstream restaurants now have gluten free options, or are willing to adjust things.

closeup of etna pizza

i found the deliveroo app very easy and straightforward to use, though when i tried to add my address the app kept crashing. this may have just been me though. i went and added my address on the deliveroo website, went back to the app and it went though just fine! from there it tells you how long your order will take and keeps you updated on the progress of your order. this is always useful especially if you’re out and about and want to get back home in time.

considering my closest pizza express is in town, i was shocked at how quickly it came (half an hour under the estimated time), and that the food was still reasonably hot! i’ve had food from places that are way closer, that have been almost cold by the time they got to me.

the food was delicious by the way, and the pizza smelled even better than it looked. if you’re a fan of spice this is definitely one for you. if you want to try the etna pizza specifically, it’s only available via deliveroo (on the app or website).

potato balls with cheese and parsley

close up of pizza

looking at all the places in cardiff that use deliveroo, i think i may have to get a little something delivered for my birthday. of any time of the year you’re ‘allowed’ takeaway it’s on birthdays right? cardiff is amazing for food and i love how so many fantastic and varied places there are here.

disclaimer: my food was paid for, but as always, all imagery, words and opinions my own.

london graphic centre student day

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various pencils and craft sketchbook

almost this exact time last year i attended an awesome #cbloggers event hosted by london graphic centre. it was so fun, and i love that a company out there wanted to work with us ‘creative bloggers’ and especially ones that are focused on the art and illustration side of things. in blog terms, things like this don’t seem to happen in wales at all, so it’s always a joy to attend events like this. come on wales, up your game!

if you live in london, or happen to be passing by on the 4th october, london graphic centre are hosting a student day full of workshops and things to do. i’m not a student anymore, but it sounds ace! i know a few of you that read my blog *are* students though, and would love to go to a fun, creative activity packed event so i wanted to help spread the word a bit.

if you’re not already tempted then just wait a moment and read ahead: you can sign up for a student card for 20% off store wide during the event, and if you spend over £15 on the day you will receive a goody bag (subject to supply) packed with lots of cool stationery. if that isn’t good enough, 1 in every 8 bags contains a bonus prize worth up to £130. i know what it’s like being a design/illustration student with a budget, so attending something like this will save you loads of money in the long run. plus you get to drool over all that stationery!

if you want a sneak peek of what’s in the bag, i was kindly sent one, so my photos here include a small selection of the items as well as a little preview of the bag itself.

so if you’re an illustration/creative student, and you can get to the covent garden london graphic centre store between 10am and 7pm on tuesday 4th, i’d highly recommend. have fun!

various stationery supplies including washi tape and micron pen

preview of london graphic centre student day bag