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50 creatives you should be following – part 2

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50 creatives you should be following   part 2
following up from last weeks post, here’s the second part of 50 creatives you should be following. as before, i’ve included each persons name, what they do, twitter handle and website. get exploring and feel free to share anyone you think i should be following!

marianna madriz – illustrator –
bett norris – illustrator –
lesley barnes – illustrator –
hannah kristina metz – photographer –
dianne tanner – photographer –
kitty gallannaugh – photographer –
anke weckmann – illustrator –
faye moorhouse – illustrator –
jen collins – illustrator, maker –
sarah abbott – illustrator –
ping zhu – illustrator –
hannah rowlands – illustrator
charlotte mei – illustrator, maker-
nikki mcwilliams – maker, teacake eater –
erin dollar – maker –
holly booth – photographer –
pauline hagan – jewellery designer –
zoe bateman – jewellery designer –
susan green – bookmaker –
petra green – maker –
amy blackwell – illustrator –
michelle thompson – illustrator/collage artist –
lizzy stewart – illustrator –
emma block – illustrator –
will bryant – illustrator – @willbryantplz –

daydreaming about berlin + win a £50 voucher

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daydreaming about berlin + win a £50 voucher
i try not to daydream too much about things i can’t afford because it tends to get me down, but sometimes you just gotta, right?

this month, and for the two following months i am part of the ask her friends bloggers panel. they’re working with secret escapes this time round, so as soon as i logged onto their site the first thing i typed into the search bar was ‘berlin’. oh my. i was then greeted with an amazing hotel in a restored bauhaus building with 30’s inspired interiors which i now pretty much have to go to at some point in my life.

the rest of my picks are things i’d take with me including a lovely luxurious tote bag, the cutest brooch and a fountain pen to write down my thoughts. then when i get back i can relax with a lovely candle (in an even lovelier holder!)

if you want to be in with a chance to win a £50 voucher to spend on the ask her friends website all you need to do is vote for your favourite picks, which you can do here!

the wellcome collection

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eyeball -wellcome collection
if you like things that are weird, curious and a little creepy, the wellcome collection is the place for you! i actually went a couple years ago and took these then, but rediscovered them when sorting through my photos recently. the photos were a little dark and ‘off’ but i managed to save them. i did take loads more but these were the best of the bunch.

body slice - wellcome collection
carved pills - wellcome collection
weird body - wellcome collection
there was a huge mounted piece full of (hundreds?) of intricate hand carved pills. i think they were in the shapes of body parts, but i’m not entirely sure. below that is a weird mishapen/mutated person. on the back of the legs there were sores and such. it was quite gross, but i couldn’t not look. i should warn you, this probably isn’t a place for the squeamish and easily creeped out among you.

map - - wellcome collection
i’d love recommendations for weird places in london and the UK to visit in the future!

twitter chats for creative sellers and bloggers

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twitter chats for creative sellers and bloggersare you a seller of handmade goods, have an indie business or are you a blogger? maybe all three? and you’re on twitter, too? great! if you want to help get your work seen by a bigger audience as well as make connections and maybe even friends down the line, twitter chats are fantastic.

for your ease i’ve included the name of the hashtag, the associated twitter accounts, and times in the UK and US. if there’s any more great ones you know of, let me know and i’ll add them onto the list.

#handmadehour – @handmadehour
wednesday – GMT // 7:30-9:30pm : EST+CDT// 2:30-4:30pm : PDT// 12:30-2:30pm

#crafthour – @online_craft
sunday – GMT// 7-8pm : EST+CDT// 2-3pm : PDT// 12-1pm

#indiehour – @theindiehour_
tuesday – GMT// 7-8pm : EST+CDT// 2-3pm : PDT// 12-1pm

#blogphotochat – @BlogPhotoChat
thursday – GMT//9-10pm : EST+CDT// 4-5pm : PDT// 2-3pm

#blogtacular – @blogtacular
wednesday – GMT//9-10pm : EST+CDT// 4-5pm : PDT// 2-3pm

#omhg – @ohmyhandmade
thursday – GMT//6-7pm : EST+CDT// 1-2pm : PDT// 11am-12pm

all tuesday!

#makehour @makehour
thursday – GMT//8-9pm : EST+CDT// 3-4pm : PDT// 1-2pm

for a while i’d keep forgetting about these chats, and i often see people saying they’ve missed them or didn’t know they existed so i thought i’d share the ones i know of! i join in with most of them if i’m at home and have the time, and one or two are recent discoveries.

if you’re on windows 8, i recently found this cool app that displays a little popup notification for reminders, it’s ridiculously useful if you don’t have your phone on you for an alarm, or you otherwise forget. it’s called remind me, and it’s useful far beyond reminders for twitter chats. it’s colour coded too!

so, what are you waiting for? get social! (by the way i’m @cardboardcities on twitter – say hello!)