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london retro barbs

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london retro barbs glasses

london retro barbs glasses ℅ glasses direct

i love a pair of glasses that have a bit of quirk and character, especially if they have a vintage style.

if i was a bit more outgoing i’d love to try some that were some crazy colours or unusual shapes, but the london retro barbs are the perfect mix of vintage cat eye (that little flick, so cute!) and something quite modern and wearable. the frame is quite bold, but not over the top, and the look of them is feminine without being cutesy.

i love the name of these, as they reminded me of barb from stranger things (which is back soon for a second series, wahoo!) though she didn’t wear glasses like these. saying that, shannon purser, who plays barb could TOTALLY rock these.
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taking time out from your day

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chammomile tea from la juniper

tea themed candle from la juniper

now more than ever i feel the need to be more mindful about relaxation and taking time to get away from things. this year has been a real test and to be fair, as strong as i might think i am, i am falling apart. so, small rituals to keep my mind together are a very helpful practice. in that vein, i thought i’d write about some things i do to relax and take time ‘off’, whether that be for a few minutes or over a longer time.

one simple thing, is, as i’ve mentioned before, tea. making it, drinking it and taking time to just ‘be’ for a bit. chamomile tea is particularly good for this. it’s a good one to drink in the evening to ease you into the right state of mind for sleeping and restfulness. if you’re feeling overly anxious or need a bit of calm, it can be helpful then too. added bonus for candles, sweet treats and something lovely to listen to.
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16 stationery DIY ideas

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brass hay scissors and geometric clipboard

i think it’s a given we all love stationery, and a lot of my blog readers are crafty types, so i figured a post of stationery DIY ideas would be perfect for the weekend! i’ve scoured the internet for lots of fun, colourful and unique stationery DIYs and collected them here just for you. if you have any stationery DIYs you’ve blogged or vlogged about, let me know, and i’d be happy to add them to this list.
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BT whole home wifi system review

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close up of bt whole home wifi disc

BT whole home wifi disc in living room

bt whole home wifi

though our flat isn’t terribly big, it is long, which, amongst other things, means our wifi barely reaches to the living room from the front room where our router resides. there’s lots of ‘blank spots’, and if we’re in any room (away from the router) there’s times where we’ve had to balance our devices precariously if we want a decent download speed.

so when offered the chance to review the BT whole home wifi* you bet i took that opportunity!

in the spring and summer i love working in the garden. it’s right at the back of the house and the wifi *definitely* doesn’t reach that far. our garden is a drab and definitely needs perking up, but that’s a story for another post.
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