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business cards for creatives

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laura redburn, cardboardcitiee business card

as a creative, a good looking business card can be a huge thing. especially if you’re a visual creative need to show off your best work like you would in your portfolio.

some time ago, i won a voucher for some luxury business cards and i have to say they’ve made me very fussy with what i view to be a good quality card. i’m starting to sound like the business men in american psycho aren’t i? such a good scene in the film version. now i just need a reservation for dorsia!


business cards can be such a great way of self promoting alongside social media and networking in person, and can really stand out long after you’re done chatting with potential clients. i love seeing creative ones, ones that really express the personality of the person or business behind it. do you think mine represents me? i think if you can have a card that people comment on (or gasp at – happened to me once!) then you’ve made a good impression with it.

i have at times thought (if i had the budget) of getting some fancy shaped ones, cut in a custom shape. maybe one of my collages or a pair of scissors or something. wouldn’t that be cool? if you have any clever suggestions let me know in the comments.

if you have a business card i would love to see it! send me a photo via twitter so i can see how creative you all are.

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best drawing apps for windows 10

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best drawing apps for windows 10 and surface pro - graphiter

since getting the surface pro 4* in january, i’ve been looking for good, free windows 10 drawing apps for when i want to doodle, quickly draw pattern and collage ideas, as well as jot down general ideas. of course you can use photoshop and illustrator, but if you want free, less intensive programs these are ace. i don’t know if these work on non touchscreen devices, or on anything other than windows 10, but if you have both of those, these are worth a try.

ps. procreate, please come to windows!


as you may guess by its name, graphiter is a pencil based app. it’s free, but to get coloured pencils and the blender you have to pay. i just got the coloured pencils and they were 79p but may have increased in price by now. you get different toned and textured papers to draw on, and with both the graphite and colored pencils you can change the hardness and thickness. it’s pressure based too, so the harder you press with your pen/stylus, the darker the line.

the reproduction of pencil ‘looks’ is pretty decent and this is definitely a fun program/app to play around with. wish it had layers though! you can export to png and jpg, so this would be ideal for doodles and drawings you want to export into photoshop to build on.

best drawing apps for windows 10 and surface pro - inkscape


inkscape is vector based (like illustrator) and you can do similar things with it. i’ve not used it to it’s full potential though. it’s free to download and has no paid extras, so, things like layers are built in, which is handy. i personally use this if i have an idea for a digital pattern that i can quickly draw out on the surface, and import into illustrator on this or a different device to expand on it when i have more time/am plugged in.

it’s a little more complicated than the others in this post, and could probably replace illustrator if you took the time to learn it properly.

best drawing apps for windows 10 and surface pro - bamboo paper

bamboo paper:

bamboo paper is what i use for doodling when i’m bored, writing ideas or writing to do lists as i can satisfyingly highlight or cross out items. once again, it’s free to download but you pay for extras like more pens and different pads. you can do a trial of these before you buy, which i found useful – but haven’t bought yet. it’s fine as is with what i use it for, but i’m sure more accomplished drawers/artists could do great things with this app. i’ve heard students like this for taking written notes in lectures.

best drawing apps for windows 10 and surface pro - sketchable


sketchable is …kind of like a mini photoshop/similar type program. like the others, it’s free to download but you have to pay for the extra things, layers being part of that. quite capable as is though, with a good array of brushes and pens available, as well as full colour choice and swatches to remember your favourite colours. some brushes are pressure sensitive, but it seems a little hit and miss. that could just be my lack of skills with this app though.

do you have any recommendations for drawing apps for windows? free or paid – let me know!