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business cards for creatives

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laura redburn, cardboardcitiee business card

as a creative, a good looking business card can be a huge thing. especially if you’re a visual creative need to show off your best work like you would in your portfolio.

some time ago, i won a voucher for some luxury business cards and i have to say they’ve made me very fussy with what i view to be a good quality card. i’m starting to sound like the business men in american psycho aren’t i? such a good scene in the film version. now i just need a reservation for dorsia!
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best drawing apps for windows 10

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best drawing apps for windows 10 and surface pro - graphiter

since getting the surface pro 4* in january, i’ve been looking for good, free windows 10 drawing apps for when i want to doodle, quickly draw pattern and collage ideas, as well as jot down general ideas. of course you can use photoshop and illustrator, but if you want free, less intensive programs these are ace. i don’t know if these work on non touchscreen devices, or on anything other than windows 10, but if you have both of those, these are worth a try.

ps. procreate, please come to windows!


as you may guess by its name, graphiter is a pencil based app. it’s free, but to get coloured pencils and the blender you have to pay. i just got the coloured pencils and they were 79p but may have increased in price by now. you get different toned and textured papers to draw on, and with both the graphite and colored pencils you can change the hardness and thickness. it’s pressure based too, so the harder you press with your pen/stylus, the darker the line.
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capricorn illustration for myself magazine

my work, illustration by

capricorn horoscope illustration by laura redburn

only a few left to go! i have so enjoyed making these horoscope illustrations, and it will be weird to not be making them any more. definitely want to make more in the future, and work towards making more editorial based illustrations too. i feel i’m not so good with those and will be making and sharing practice illustrations in the hope of getting more work.
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