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organising art supplies

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orla kiely pots
over the past year i’ve been making much more of an effort to be organised, and making sure that what i need is to hand.  i’ve always been a bit of an ‘organised chaos’ type of person (chaos is a bit excessive a word!) so it’s not been a huge stretch to properly organise things in my life. i’ve gotten rid of some things i simply don’t need anymore and simplified other things such as storage items.

orla kiely plant pots with pens and pencils in
organising art supplies

orla kiely plant pots c/o flamingo gifts

one of the things i needed to simplify was the storage/organisation of my art supplies. specifically my pens, pencils, crayons and smaller paintbrushes. i’ve previously had them in various cups and jars but i knew i could organise them better. thanks to these orla kiely plant pots, i now have just what i needed!

yes, they are plant pots, but as soon as i saw them i knew they’d be perfect to hold my pens and related items. although made to hold herbs, they are fantastic for organising pens, pencils and paintbrushes due to their generous size and design. i think they’re made from enamel too, so i know they’ll last a long time. in addition to that i just absolutely love orla kiely designs, so if nothing else ..they look cute!

living room inspiration board

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inspiration board of yellow and grey items for the living room

havill yellow throwmomo sofa / sakura cushion / flap wall clock / bobby floor lamp

we are on a seemingly constant effort to improve our living room. as it is now it’s the best it’s been, but there’s still some things i would like to do to improve it further. two of the main things are to have a nice vintage or retro style sofa instead of the horrible lumpy thing we currently have, and to have a large mirror on the wall opposite the windows in an attempt to reflect the little amount of light that enters.
besides that, i’d like to have a bit more of a colour scheme. i love an eclectic mismatched look, but i think it would suit this space well to have it ‘tied together’ a bit more. yellow is one of my favourite colours and i think it’d do a tremendous job in making the room a bit brighter.
i’m a sucker for a good blanket or throw and i think they’re a great way to bring colour into a room as well as being useful. if you’re a fan of a minimal/black and white look in your home, accessories are definitely one of the best ways to bring colour in without being too overwhelming.
do you have any tips for making a dark room seem a little brighter?

rearranging my bedroom

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a bit before christmas we wanted to paint the room (mostly to cover some mould stains up – yuk) i wish i could say we were able to take down the horrible textured wallpaper and use something nice, or even use a nice coloured paint ..but no, we were stuck with magnolia. no super pristine, white minimal room for you here, ha! oh well, it still looks better than it did. i mean, i still want a nicer carpet but you can’t have everything at once eh?

anyway, when it came to putting all the furniture back we decided to move the room about a bit. i resisted at first because i had a cold and was feeling feverish, but i persevered, and glad i did as it looks much better now. the bed is by the window, and my drawers, printer and art supplies are along the longest wall. it makes much more sense.

ps. lovely poster from liz mosley.

though not its intended use, the mint storage crate* is acting as an overflow laundry basket at the moment. it’s harder to get washing done in the winter as everything takes forever to dry and it all piles up quickly!

i’m loving the bed by the window. it’s essentially my office/workspace, so there’s much more light for me to work by. it’s a bay window so it slots in well and lets in looooads of light. it’s actually the only room in the flat that lets a decent amount in.

all my bits and bobs! most of my pens, crayons and felt tips sit atop these drawers for easy reach, as well as my mini bunny collection and often some other random bits. these drawers used to be my dads, and his mum/my nan before that. i have very few items from my youth, so it’s so nice to have something like this. it’s filled with all the rest of my art/collage and shop supplies. so lots of paper, paints, various stationery as well as notebooks from my shop, and packaging bits.