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Always dreaming about that perfect home, and trying to make my current flat as good as can be. Posts about dream interiors, home decor finds and anything home related. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

geometric home decor

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geometric wooden lamp

wooden lamp ℅ first choice lighting

we live in a relatively dark flat, so as we don’t have much natural light, it’s essential to bring in light somehow, and obviously the main way is via lamps (and candles) scattered around the home.

i realised recently my home décor tastes are relatively similar to my dads: a strong nudge towards vintage and retro, with an eclectic feel. basically i don’t really do matchy-matchy style and prefer pieces that kind of ‘fit’ as a whole despite not being overly similar.
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easter with homesense

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box with red bow and chocolate flowers » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blogcoloured chocolate flowers

i’m not religious, and i don’t have children, so easter is about 2 things for me – 1) spring will finally be here, and 2) chocolate.

the first one is more important to me, but i will never deny the opportunity to have a bit of chocolate. i can only have small amounts at a time though, so it does last a fair while. that’s my (truthful) excuse, anyway.
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art in the home

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colourful paper mask by laura redburn

colourful striped deer painting by laura redburn

sponsored by king & mcgaw. all words & images my own.

as an artist/illustrator/visual creative, art surrounds me all the time. it’s my life and my living. this of course relates to the home too, whether that be me making a mess making my collages, art books piled everywhere, and of course art on the walls. a home doesn’t really feel like a home until there’s art on the walls. i remember when we moved here just over 5 years ago …it was only when we put my paintings up that it felt more like home, somewhere that was really lived in.
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flamingo gifts | new in

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orla kiely flower mug

sass and belle moroccan tile coasters

all items ℅ flamingo gifts

ahh, a cuppa is extra nice in the winter, isn’t it? as well as filling a need for thirst, the warmth and comfort it gives is like a little hug. i mostly drink green tea, but there have been times past when i’ve popped a dash of brandy in (to ‘normal’ milkless tea) for a little christmas treat. add in some honey and you’ve basically got a hot toddy!

i’m the kind of person that believes the cup or mug (or glass) you drink from makes a huge difference to your enjoyment and experience. this orla kiely mug is not only enjoyable to me because it’s orla kiely print and i love orla kiely, but it’s bone china too and i swear tea is best from bone china.
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