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Always dreaming about that perfect home, and trying to make my current flat as good as can be. Posts about dream interiors, home decor finds and anything home related. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

a little bedroom refresh

home decor by

peace lily, parlour palm and fittonia

wooden bird and candle from sainsburys

for quite some time, i’ve felt our bedroom felt a bit ‘meh’. by which i really mean it was lacking in colour, plants and personality. or, well ..uh, my personality. ha! but that has been changed. it’s mostly just one area but it definitely looks a lot more striking. on this chest of drawers was a storage box with some books piled on top. i moved the box, and added some old sketchbooks, my trusty g.f. smith tome and of course some plants. fittonia, parlour palm and peace lily, if you were curious. they seem to be very happy there.
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perking up with pink

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two pink cushions from wayfair

it’s fair to say i love pink. contrary to opinion, it’s not actually my favourite colour (turquoise & mint are) but it’s second with yellow. when i get the opportunity to combine all those colours you bet i will be taking it!

so, my lovely momo sofa. i love it, and use it every single day. as much as i love it, and the grey colour, it doesn’t have the best back support and the grey can be a little overwhelming. every now and then i like to change it up with some new pillows and blankets to make it a little more ‘me’ (basically, just colourful) as well as using cushions to support my back.
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what’s on my desk

home decor by

Polaroid supercolour 635cl

ava the cat

desk ℅ kit out my office

what’s on my desk? ava, a lot of the time. the day i got it and put it together she plonked straight down on top and it’s been a firm favourite since.

i’ve lived in this flat for almost 7 years now and in that time i’ve never had a desk. when i’m making collages, doing blog stuff or just browsing the internet, i’ve used my lap, the floor and sometimes a tiny foldable table. i can’t tell you how good it feels to have an actual desk to work on after all this time!

currently i’ve mostly just been using my laptop on it so i can type at a more comfortable height, and edit photos without a huge amount of glare behind me. i have a few new collages to share soon too…
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colourful posters from desenio

home decor by

stay weird print from desenio

art prints ℅ desenio

whatever your style of decor, i always believe it’s a good idea to have art in your home. of course, as an artist/illustrator myself, i am biased here, but i still firmly believe this. even if it’s a little postcard, or a huge print. something super minimal, or a colourful maximalist piece. one piece, or a whole gallery wall.

most illustrators and visual creators i know have a mix of their own and other peoples art on their walls (or, on a moodboard or similar). always good to have inspiration in as many forms as you can take it. also, if you have horrible textured wallpaper like me, you’ll cover up as much of it as you can, ha!
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