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a (close up) room tour

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voigtlander camera and succulent - room tour - cardboardcities

dipped pots and various books - room tour - cardboardcities

camera and plant pot – charity shops / small dipped storage pots – flying tiger

my studio/work room/room where we sometimes put random things that don’t belong anywhere else is not a room for lovers of minimalism. there’s lots of colour, and lots of things everywhere. most of it has a purpose but some is purely decorative too. i can sense a lot of people would see this room and think there’s too much ‘stuff’, but it’s right for me, and that’s what matters right? whoever you are, whatever you do – it’s always nice to have a space that feels ‘you’.

i’ll do a post soon with wider shots showing the whole room, but i just wanted to share some shots of details and little bits and bobs. i’ll try and list where everything is from, but if you want to know about something specific, just ask in the comments.

olympus xa camera, mac lipsticks, rimmel match perfection foundation  - room tour - cardboardcities

wardrobe with photos and postcards - room tour - cardboardcities

retro woman brooch – ladybird likes / lipstick storage – old nutella jar!

i hate this tacky looking blue ikea wardrobe, but it was here when we moved in, and we can’t afford a nicer looking wardrobe, so in the meantime it’s here to stay. i’ve been (slowly) covering it with various tidbits to make it more bearable to look at. i also have a chest of drawers from the same line, and hate seeing them both when i walk in the room! still, at least they do their job well and have lasted a good few years. i would love something mid-century – or at least mid-century looking to replace them. a girl can dream!

lightbox and orla kiely box  - room tour - cardboardcities

retro binoculars  - room tour - cardboardcities

lightbox – pea style / orla kiely pillowcase box – john lewis / vintage binoculars – charity shop / rabbit in cloche – george at asda

another ikea item is a bookshelf that i bought myself and painted yellow with farrow and ball babouche paint. still love the colour loads and it really helps brighten the room. i mostly use it to store books and lots of my collage clippings, but also my makeup and various trinkets and sentimental pieces.

various ornaments  - room tour - cardboardcities

instamatic 104 camera  - room tour - cardboardcities

dachshund ornament* – sainsburys / orla kiely coffee jar – douwe egbert / everything else – charity shops

the drawers that these items sit upon is amongst my favourite possessions. it used to belong to my dad, and before that, my nan (his mum). because i/we have moved so much i have so few things from my childhood, so things like this really mean a lot to me. like the top, it mostly houses art supplies like paints, paper and notebooks, and various other stationery. wish i could use it as a desk, but it’s too tall for that – but serves as a good standing back if i feel up to it, and failing that, a lovely backdrop for flat lay photos.

 pens from flying tiger  - room tour - cardboardcities

storage  - room tour - cardboardcities

pens – flying tiger / pen storage – flamingo gifts / most other items – charity shops or ebay

next to the chest of drawers is a small table. i dislike the colour and keep meaning to paint it, but as it’s got a slight sheen to it that obviously requires more work than i can be bothered with at the moment, ha! once again though, it does its job as some extra storage. the main thing being my gigantic a3 printer (which i highly recommend to fellow artists/illustrators by the way. it’s the epson 1500w). it looks a bit messy and cluttered at the moment so i need to relocate some items i think. underneath are even more art supplies, and some old artworks.

bolster cushion from sainsburys  - room tour - cardboardcities

patchwork style blanket  - room tour - cardboardcities

bolster cushion and patchwork style blanket* – sainsburys

finally we’re round to the sofa. this actually used to be the main bedroom, but in the winter it gets unbearably cold, and because we live on a busy road it’s noisy in here all day round. so, not the best for sleeping but i find the constant traffic noise actually pretty helpful (aka a distraction) for my tinnitus, and it’s the only light room in the flat, so i’m happy to spend time in here working. the sofa is the momo sofa from habitat, which i still love, and i feel has actually gotten more comfortable the more i’ve sat on it. it’s definitely not a sofa to completely laze out on, but provides a comfortable area for sitting to work alongside the bolster cushion above for a bit more lumbar support.

i’d still love a comfortable seat for this room, as well as nicer wardrobes, a carpet that isn’t beigy brown, and perhaps some better storage, but all in all i’d say it’s definitely my favourite room in the flat.

if you’ve done a room tour/work-space post i would LOVE to see it, so please share links in the comments or over on twitter!

triangle rug – wayfair / fluffy rug – laura ashley

triangle rug and white fluffy rug  - room tour - cardboardcities

geometric home decor

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geometric wooden lamp

wooden lamp ℅ first choice lighting

we live in a relatively dark flat, so as we don’t have much natural light, it’s essential to bring in light somehow, and obviously the main way is via lamps (and candles) scattered around the home.

i realised recently my home décor tastes are relatively similar to my dads: a strong nudge towards vintage and retro, with an eclectic feel. basically i don’t really do matchy-matchy style and prefer pieces that kind of ‘fit’ as a whole despite not being overly similar.

as you know i love patterns and colour, so pieces that are more natural or in one tone are quite welcome to calm things down.

saying that, this geometric wooden lamp makes quite a statement! it’s fantastic. feels very sturdy, looks great in my room even when it’s not on and also has an unintentional use as a paperweight ..currently atop a pile of books and papers in my bedroom. i love that it can easily be moved to any room, too.

if you had this lamp, where in your home would you put it?

peony infront of  wooden lamp

close up of wooden lamp

in the spirit of all things geometric home décor, i thought i’d put together a list of a few excellent accessories to add a geometric touch to your home. mm, shapes.

– love the triangle pattern on this set of espresso cups and saucers.
– this salad bowl is niiiiice.
– this terrarium kit (with terrarium as an extra to purchase) is freakin’ awesome.
geometric plant hangers? YES please. absolutely in love with these.
– if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for hanging your air plants (or anything else), cop a look at these.
– slightly obsessed with this desk tidy.
– gotta love a bit of geometric wooden storage.
– a pretty card that you could turn into a tiny framed print.
– lovely trinket dish for all your (geometric, obvs) jewellery.

vintage ceramic blue cat


easter with homesense

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box with red bow and chocolate flowers » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blogcoloured chocolate flowers

i’m not religious, and i don’t have children, so easter is about 2 things for me – 1) spring will finally be here, and 2) chocolate.

the first one is more important to me, but i will never deny the opportunity to have a bit of chocolate. i can only have small amounts at a time though, so it does last a fair while. that’s my (truthful) excuse, anyway.

homesense kindly gave me a voucher to purchase some items to show what easter means to me. though i was – as always – tempted by everything in store, i settled on some chocolate, a floral scented candle, and a william morris-esque tin, which, i didn’t realise until after, had a mug in!

chocolate, colourful foil covered eggschocolate rabbit gif

i realise that besides the chocolate (in the form of eggs, flowers and a bunny) these things aren’t really typical of easter. as i said, to me, easter is my celebration of spring which means floral patterns and scents, going out for chilly but sunny walks, longer days and much more. oh, spring!

i love how people interpret holidays in ways that are special to them, even if all that means is gorging on a bit of food. i’m not one to judge.

as it’s something i never really celebrated (i got an egg or two as a child) i don’t really have any easter specific memories to call back on. but i do remember as a child, walking to school in late march sort of time, more flowers coming out, the trees being greener, it being a little warmer, and feeling a sense of change in the air.

how do you celebrate easter, and what does it mean to you? are you a traditionalist or do you like to mix it up?

william morris style pattern tinwilliam morris style patterned mugcute pattern candle in a jar