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Always dreaming about that perfect home, and trying to make my current flat as good as can be. Posts about dream interiors, home decor finds and anything home related. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

tattoo inspired art and home decor

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i love tattoos, and i love home decor. i never really thought to combine the two until i was searching through my stats a while back and saw that someone had gotten to my blog via the search ‘tattoo inspired home decor’. it lit a blogging spark inside me and inspired me to search and write about that very thing.
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horne wishlist

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you know when you come across a shop, online or real, and you spend ages looking through everything and imagining it in your home? that just happened to me with horne. queue dreamy sigh and daydreams about my perfect home and wanting to decorate other peoples homes.

they have a lot of midcentury inspired items, which is very much my thing. i was actually quite surprised to learn this shop is based in philedelphia!

there’s so so many things here that i’d love in my home, so i couldn’t resist making a wishlist.

geometric pattern cushions, wooden fan, retro perpetual calendar, orange wire chair, 50's desk

1// geo/metric 1 canvas pillow 2// bora da pillow 3// otto fan 4// formosa perpetual wall calendar 5// farmhouse chair 6// walnut side bar

do you have a favourite item from the shop? i think my favourites are the fan, the chair and the sidebar. i really don’t know why, but i really like the design of some vintage (or vintage inspired) fans. like this one i found via pinterest. i don’t know if it’s just the shape of them, or the colours ..i don’t know, but something about them really interests me. i love, LOVE 50’s desks too.

northlight – scandinavian style home decor

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scandinavian style homes, who loves them? i do!

often with crisp white walls, a mix of midcentury and modern furniture and lovely accessories sprinkled around, all with a minimal colour scheme. though i’ve noticed that, as well as the usual monochrome of course, red, blues/teal, and yellows seem to dominate when it comes to colour.

i discovered northlight a couple weeks ago & wanted to share their goods with you! as an added bonus if you’re a fan of the moomins, they have a whole section of moomin goodies. did you watch the moomins when you were little? i kind of want everything.

i had a good look through the site and wanted to share some of my favourite items with you.

items from northlight home store - scandinavian style living - cups, bags, blankets, candlesticks

top// amanda latte cup, littlephant messenger bag, mizu pink fleece blanket
bottom// running moomin tray, cosmos turquoise candlestick, black waves cushion

let me know your favourites too!

cardboardcities colour love: white – etsy edition!

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the whole ‘etsy edition’ wasn’t a planned thing, when i was looking around for white items that i actually liked or loved, almost all of them were from etsy, so i thought why not have them all from etsy? you can see the previous colours here. i also didn’t realise until after i put all the images together, but all of the second lot are ceramic things. woohoo!

as i’m more of a colourful person, i generally don’t go for white items when i’m buying things for myself or the home. i like white walls, and a minimal look, but in my own home i’m always drawn to items that have colour or texture to them. saying that, i love all the items i’ve chosen and would happily have them in my home or on my person. i wouldn’t be doing this if i didn’t love or at least really, really like the items i’d chosen.
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