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colour love – cobalt

besides turquoise, cobalt is probably my favourite colour. it’s more than just blue, isn’t it? it’s very special i think. it looks especially stunning in stained glass, and on porcelain i think. to me, cobalt is one of those colours looks good on everything,…

home decor fashion colour love

colour love – gold

gold has been a definite grower with me! similarly to yellow, i find myself liking it more and more over time. though in terms of jewellery i’ll probably always prefer silver (it just looks better with my skin tone) ..i do find myself drawn…

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wall clocks at society 6!

i normally do an outfit post on monday, but i’ve been feeling really lethargic today and haven’t had the energy to take photos. i normally take photos at the end of the week or the weekend but it was either too dark or i…