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colour love – black

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i don’t know if it’s something to do with getting older, or something else entirely, but i find myself drawn to black more and more. i love colour and always will, and it will forever take up the majority of my wardrobe and home, but there’s a special something that black brings that no other colour quite can.

in terms of clothing, black is a colour that is easily dressed up, but can also be stunning on it’s own. home decor wise, it can look quite imposing if a large amount is used in a small area, but at the same time it brings a feeling of stillness and calm.

also if i could be wearing that dress and those sandles with the bag right now, that’d be perfect. i’d have to bring in some colour somwhere though, how could i possibly resist…

collage of black fashion and home decor items

1// long sleeve swing dress 2// kate spade stud earrings 3// crafted gems iphone 5 case 4// black mid heel sandals 5// vintage bakelite cameo brooch 6// black marble tumbler 7// breton top 8// roasting ovenware 9// fibreglass planter 10// bird bracelet 11// tom ford black orchid perfume 12// black flapover tote 13// OK print 14// louche maris blouse

colour love – orange

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orange is definitely a colour that’s grown on me over the years. not that i didn’t like it as such, but i just didn’t like it quite as much as other colours. to be honest, it’s still not a colour i’d really wear in anything other than accessories, but i am open to change on that.

however, i do love a bit of orange in home decor! not on a wall painting scale, but in things like cups and blankets it’s really quite lovely. i prefer to stick to the more yellowy/red oranges rather than ones bordering on brown.

ps – you can see previous colour love posts here!

collage of orange home decor and fashion items

1// poppy go lucky coat 2// morange mac lipstick 3// resin tumbler 4// mohair blanket 5// 3 drawer dresser 6// riverbank side plate 7// wave colori drink glass 8// kitchenaid blender 9// ankle boots 10// sausage dog pencil case 11// quay sunglasses 12// leroy donkey candle

snapshots of my week – 15th march

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it’s only just dawned on my it’s halfway through march. where did that time even go? i feel like i’ve wasted so much of it feeling down, when i really wanted to ..well, not do that. but i am slowly becoming more productive again, feeling a bit more motivated and having ideas.

i’m starting to feel like myself again. still, i have (seemingly constant) worries about money – or lack thereof. but other than that, i do feel like a weight is slowly being lifted. spring is on it’s way and i want to embrace it.
red lips brooch
love this brooch of a pair of lips i found recently. it’s quickly become a favourite. i doubt anyone will actually be interested, but i thought i’d show you some of my favourite brooches here on the blog soon. i do love me some brooches.

red and black contemporary rammekins
i had some high street vouchers i’d won recently, so i bought these lovely little ramekins from john lewis. they’ve got a (what i’m assuming is) new range out called ‘house’ and it seems very marimekko-esque ..think graphic, yet simple with a contemporary feel. which of course i love. i wanted to buy more (like this heart plate and these plates), but this was all i could get.

*not sponsored, i just really like these items!

cute primark sandals and elephant socks
i also got these super cute shoes. i must admit, i’d never normally buy shoes from primark ..but these are so cute. also i’m wearing elephant socks because i am a child. i wish i knew where they were from, but they were a present last year.

shell mirror from tigerand this rather lovely little mirror from tiger. as soon as i saw it i thought of the lovely kailey of mermaidens, which made me smile. the fabric underneath is from a tote bag i also made this week. want to know how to make it? head this way » how to make a simple tote bag

also..did you see my new header? oh! and don’t forget to enter my giveaway! ends today.