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colour love – red

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red colour love

necklace – charity shop / glitter / amor amor by cacharel / stabilo pencil / hearts – unknown / marimekko wallpaper

the more i think about it, the more i realise this is the direction i want to take my colour love posts in. i got so much more satisfaction out of putting together and photographing this than i did looking through loads of sites and putting together a collaged image. i may do it every now and then still, but photographing items is ultimately more satisfying on a personal and visual level.

anyway, red! lovely red. it can be quite overpowering and i don’t tend to wear too much of it apart from on my nails and lips (and my winter coat), but it’s something i’m much more open to in terms of home decor. an accent wall or on smaller items like door knobs, vases and art prints, red can definitely make a statement without being too overbearing.

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colour love – purple

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collage of purple home decor and fashion items

1// saltwater sandals 2// ceramic heart bowl 3// colour pop shades 4// essie ‘play date’ nail polish 5// innit classic chair 6// pendant lamp 7// brushed knit skater dress 8// purple lustre vase 9// pencil skirt 10// classic saddle bag 11// vintage bow hair clip 12// daisy floral knit jumper

purple has always been one of those colours that’s quite hit and miss for me. sometimes i absolutely love it and think it’s beautiful and other times i find it can look so tacky. i guess it depends on the exact shade and the quality of the thing that holds the colour. i’ve always preferred colder toned blues, but lately i’ve been warming up a bit more to mauves and lilacs. only in small quantities though, and i don’t think i could wear items of clothing that are largely of a mauve or lilac hue as they wash me out terribly.

fruit stripes

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i finally got round to doing something i’ve been meaning to do for a while. some time ago kate sent me some american sweets, and an idea popped into my head the moment i saw these! they’re fruit stripe gum if you’ve never seen them before.

i basically just scanned them and cleaned up the image so it had a nice clean white background. super simple idea, but i just really liked how it looked. i also made a print for the house. on the back of the living room door i have two a3 prints from seventy tree and esther cox and there’s a space below that just looks empty, so this will fill it perfectly!
fruit stripe chewing gum

fruit stripe a3 print

image © laura redburn