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Currently mostly a place for my gluten free reviews, but also a place to discuss coeliac disease and my other food issues. If you’re a gluten free brand, and want to work with me, get in touch!

doisy and dam chocolate | gluten free reviews

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doisy and dam chocolate | gluten free reviews

doisy and dam chocolate | organic milk chocolate

if you read my post a while ago about my diagnosis and experience of coeliac disease, you might remember that i wanted to feature some gluten-free brands (and ones that aren’t specifically gluten free but have products safe for coeliacs). well, the time has finally come!

to be upfront, these, for the time being, are going to be pretty simple reviews. i would love to perhaps do some recipes or something a bit more involving but for now i kind of just wanted to get started with something i knew i could do. to tie it into the feel of my blog, i do place a slight preference on products with well designed or interesting packaging – but if i’ve heard something is good and just want to try regardless ..obviously that will take precedence!
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