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Currently mostly a place for my gluten free reviews, but also a place to discuss coeliac disease and my other food issues. If you’re a gluten free brand, and want to work with me, get in touch!

hippeas crisps | gluten free reviews

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hippeas sweet & smokin' crisps

if there is one non essential (yet completely essential) fact you need to know about me, it’s that i LOVE crisps. i just love the texture and the crunch and the savoury flavour. since being diagnosed with coeliac disease, there’s a few favourites i’ve had to cut out. which means i have a totally justifiable reason to try lots of new crisps to make up for it right? that’s what i’m going with.

anyway, the awesome folks at hippeas sent me a big box of their organic chickpea puffs to try. i’m quite picky and a lot of ‘puffy’ crisps either tend to be too soggy to too dry. reader, these are JUST RIGHT. they’re so, so full of flavour, but not in an overwhelming way. they’ve got a good crunch but not too harsh. there’s a good amount in each bag and if it matters to you, they’re also vegan and full of protein. and no, they don’t taste of chickpeas (which i adore by the way).
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nairns oatcakes | gluten free reviews

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nairns gluten free oatcakes

i’ve been a real convert to oatcakes over these past few gluten free years. gluten free bread still isn’t that good, and the only ones (that i’ve tried) that i will happily eat on a semi regular basis are genius and marks & spencers own. they’re almost comparable to ‘normal’ bread! i still need to try and make my own…

but in the meantime, as a bit of a crunch lover, oatcakes have been a welcome fixture for snacking and small meals. i typically go for the plain nairns oatcakes (pictured above) but was sent some of their super seeded ones to try too. the only reason i don’t have a picture of them instead is because they went so quickly, whoops! but a good sign, right?
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celia beer | gluten free reviews

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celia gluten free beer

an accidental hiatus – but my gluten free reviews posts are back!

just to remind you ..i’m not a writer, and i’m certainly not a food writer. this is likely blatently obvious but i feel the need to point it out from time to time.

anyway. a gluten free beer! specifically, a organic czech lager called celia. i was a little dubious about trying this as i’m not a huge lager fan, but i do try to remain open minded and try things at least once.
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wellaby’s simple bakes | gluten free reviews

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wellaby's simple bakes | gluten free reviews

wellaby's simple bakes

crisps are my weakness. not just because of the savoury flavours, but the crunch too. love a good crunch.

as part of my gluten-free reviews here on the blog, wellaby’s sent me some of their simple bakes to try. they’re a wholegrain snack that’s kind of a mix of crisps and small thin crackers. they come in three flavours: smoky bbq, salt & pepper and spicy chilli. all three are full of flavour and you certainly get a good amount in each packet.

simple bakes are all gluten free, nut free, vegan and free of artificial colours and flavours as well as preservatives. if you’re interested they’re also less than 100 calories per serving and have no trans fats.
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