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photography flowers

camellia in black and white

a while ago, whilst out on a photo walk, i found a camelia on the ground. it looked so lovely that i couldn’t just leave it there, and i knew snapping a quick photo wouldn’t do it justice. so i took it home, laid…

photography flowers

flowers from appleyard london

oh autumn flowers you are wonderful. yes, i know it’s not autumn quite yet, but we’re in the middle of september, so it’s definitely near. autumn hues are the best, aren’t they? different shades of reds, golds, yellows and dusky pinks. oof. i recently was…

snapshots flowers

snapshots of my week – 23rd august

well. i thought i didn’t do much last week, but this week was even less eventful. no, i was not being lazy! i came down with a stomach bug and was ill almost all week. feeling (mostly) better now! what made me feel even…

colour love flowers

colour love – deep red

oh, red roses! bright and vibrant reds i’ve loved for years, but darker, deeper reds have been more of a recent thing for me. i always remember my dad having a maroon sofa and at the time i hated the colour (i don’t know…