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I’m not a fashion blogger per se, but I do enjoy fashion. From time to time I share things I’ve recently worn, wishlists, etc. Mostly charity shop items, but some new pieces too. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

what i wore – grey dress & mustard tights

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dress – charity shop / necklace (similar) and tights (similar) – peacocks

woohoo it’s time for my favourite mustard coloured tights to come out! admittedly i have worn tights on and off during the summer, but these are a little thicker. and they look blummin’ good with my pink coat too ..not time for that yet though. everybody knows it’s the time of the year where the weather isn’t quite summery anymore, but isn’t yet autumn. in the time i took these photos, edited, uploaded etc’s both been super sunny, and dark/pouring with rain. anyway, enough about the weather.
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what i wore – patterned marks & spencer dress

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what i wore - patterned marks & spencer dress

what i wore - small pearl necklace

dress (originally from marks and spencer | similar style) and necklace – charity shops

ooh i do love finding a good patterned dress! i think it was partly the slight polka dottiness (totally a word) in the pattern that drew me to it. really though i just liked the shape and thought it looked like a nice comfortable dress. all about the comfort. it does have a little tie around the waist, but as usual i had to use a belt too as i tend to prefer my waist a bit more defined.

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what i wore – heart print dress

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dress // next via charity shop

i’m kind of having a ‘moment’ with heart prints/patterns lately. i don’t know where it’s come from, but i’m just finding myself drawn to them. particularly cute ditsy ones like this. i mean, a ditsy pattern, on a navy tea dress? how could i not. and it has a collar so i can wear a sweater over it in the cooler months. also, not often i find something button fronted that doesn’t produce that horrible gap in the bust, but still fits nicely as well. so yeah, i guess you could say i really like this dress!

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what i wore – wallis petite embellished dress

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what i wore - wallis petite embellished dress

embellished dress neckline

dress – c/o house of fraser

it’s very rare i find items of clothing that fit me perfectly. i’m short (a little under 5′ 1″) and, uh, curvy too. both of those combined don’t seem to be a thing that’s catered to that much in terms of clothing. there’s petite items, but from what i see they’re almost solely for slimmer ladies, and there’s plus size clothes, but they’re either always too big in every dimension, or assume that bigger women are of average height, so don’t fit in terms of length/waistline placement.

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