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I’m not a fashion blogger per se, but I do enjoy fashion. From time to time I share things I’ve recently worn, wishlists, etc. Mostly charity shop items, but some new pieces too. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

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for a while i’ve wanted to do a photo post with some of my favourite little things, but for some reason i never got round to it. so, as it was sunny today i took some photos! actually i took quite a lot, so i’m saving the others for another post so i can spread them out a bit.

it’s weird how you can look at things in real life or photos and even if you like them, or they’re visually appealing to you they essentially they mean nothing to you. but for the owner there’s often great sentimental meaning, and that is something that doesn’t transfer across. yet at the same time, if you buy something instead of being given it, initially it often has no meaning, but over time you get used to seeing it ..or something happens and you associate that object with that moment or memory.
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