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I’m not a fashion blogger per se, but I do enjoy fashion. From time to time I share things I’ve recently worn, wishlists, etc. Mostly charity shop items, but some new pieces too. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

boden ‘blackberry’ dress | outfits

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andsmile amsterdam house brooch

boden dress outfit

dress – ℅ boden | brooch – andsmile | belt and cardigan – charity shop | bow clip and lipstick – ebay

firstly …how is it almost may? my goodness.

with that comes longer, sunnier days (for the most part) and we’re starting to see more people introduce colour back into their wardrobes. personally i’m a colour/patterns all year round kinda gal, but i do not judge! alongside this, there’s less layers and clothes with more breathable materials.

i think a dress like this is perfect for this spring, semi transitional weather. if there’s a particularly warm day (or just in the summer) it looks lovely with bare legs/arms and some sandals, but equally when its a bit chilly it looks sweet with a nice cardie and maybe some cute socks peeking out of ankle boots. i’m all about versatile clothes.

boden patterned dress and pink belt

black bow and wet n wild lipstick

the waist is gathered with elastic so creates a slight pleated look which you can wear as-is, but me being me, i wear a thin belt too. it also has pockets! i am definitely not the only one that gets excited about pockets in dresses right? if i could change one thing about this dress though, i’d love if the bottom half had more material (like a circle skirt?) so you could add more volume as well as letting it drape.

one of my favourite lipsticks (wet ‘n’ wild in ‘rosebud’) looks lovely with the coral pink in this dress, and i added the bow in to give it a slight retro look too. definitely an outfit i see myself repeating a lot throughout the year!

how would you style this dress? would you keep it simple or add some accessories?

dress and cardigan

boden 'blackberry' dress | outfits

alexa the look of these!

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alexa glasses fom glasses direct

alexa womens glasses ℅ glasses direct

forgive me for that play on words!

i remember a few years ago i was in an opticians trying on different pairs of glasses (as you do) and i came across what i could safely describe as some that were perfect for me. the frame was a reddish purple ombre, and they had a rounded cat eye shape. i was truly gutted that i couldn’t afford them at the time, as they suited me so well too and i’ve forgotten what brand they were so may never find them again!

cue these the collection glasses from glasses direct called ‘alexa’.

sadly they’re not ombre, but they’re purple, have a slight cat eye shape, and personally i think they look pretty good on me! so i’ve titled them my almost perfect glasses. which doesn’t sound too complimentary now i’ve typed that, but believe me i’m loving these!

black and white photo, wearing glasses

purple snake print glasses

they have a subtle(ish) snake print on them which i think add a little quirk to them, but they’re not too outlandish for anyone that prefers to be a little more conservative with their eyewear. if you prefer, these also come in teal. it was a hard decision to choose between these colours, trust me.

i knew these would suit me (you know when you just get ‘the feeling’?) so didn’t opt for the home trial this time like i did before with the jubilee glasses but there were a couple other frames i considered. my heart was set on these though and i’ll probably be wearing these equally to my beloved presley pair – keeping the jubilee as a backup. a girl’s gotta have choice though!

have you ever lost out on your perfect pair of glasses? or worse – broken your favourite pair?

lan llofft event @ the old library, cardiff

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floral blouse and denim dungarees

rack of clothes at lan llofft, cardiff

last sunday, on a lovely, sunny, spring-like day, i attended a bloggers event at the old library in cardiff.

despite having been to a couple events now, i still found myself a little nervous, but it wasn’t long until someone started chatting to me (and later on found myself chatting to a lovely group of women for quite some time).

anyway, the event was hosted by lan lloft, who are mainly based in machynlleth in lampeter, but have recently opened a boutique store in cardiff. they’ve never hosted an event like this before, and they certainly didn’t disappoint!

cornflower blue polka dot dress

as we came in, they offered us some drinks and pick ‘n’ mix, told us a little about what they do and told us to have a wonder around. they also hosted a competition and raffle for those who tried on and styled their clothes.

pretty much everything was to my taste, and with spring being around the corner, there was a definite springy feel in the clothing in store. think pastel blues, minty greens, creams and soft peaches.

they have many brand names i recognised like great plains, french connection and sugarhill boutique. i personally didn’t try anything on – partly because i didn’t want to spend money i don’t have – but will definitely return at a later point when i have cash to spare!

thanks lan llofft for having us!

floral pattern zipped clutch bags